Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing In The Yard

Yesterday Trinity was able to play in the yard for the first time ever! Last year she was too little but this year she can and she loved it!

Steven was doing some work outside and I was helping him so I let Trinity have the time of her life! We are very blessed to have a lot of property for her to play on. We don't own the property but my family does and there is plenty of it. We have family all around which is very nice.

I gave her, her ball and she just played and played. I can't wait to be able to take her outside more often!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Valentine's Day 2011

Did y'all have a good Valentine's day? I sure did! I love Valentine's day!

Our Valentine's day celebrations started on Friday night. Some of the couples from our church decided to meet up on Friday night and go out to eat. We had planned on going to Guthrey's in Burnside. Well, one of the couples couldn't go all the way to Burnside so we decided to go to Pizza Hut or the Bread of Life Cafe in Liberty, Ky. That didn't go over either! So finally we were going to go to O'Charley's in Danville, KY. That was the plan until we got there and found out it would be an hour and a half wait! (We tried to make reservations but they don't do reservations on the weekend. Does that make any sense???) So... we ended up eating at Guadalajara in Danville.

Whew! We had a fun time. There were 8 adults and 3 kids. I forgot to put my memory card back into my camera so I didn't get to take any pictures. I was SO sad! I'm lost without my camera!

Saturday my best friend, Michelle, her daughter Marissa, Trinity, and I went to Lexington to go shopping! I loved it! We had a blast. Michelle ain't used to shopping like I do so I wore her out! I think I even wore Marissa out.

This is Michelle and Marissa at Applebee's.

This is Trinity and me at Applebee's. I think Trinity was looking for her food!

Now on to Valentine's day....

This was our Valentine's day picture last year. Wook how whittle Twinity was! (That is actually how I sound when I talk about Trinity being little! Ha!)

Steven let me go to the salon and get my hair shampooed, conditioned, and dried on Valentine's day. I had only had it done once before, probably 8 years ago! I loved it! I want to have it done once a week, but at $28.00 a pop, it will probably be the last! 28.00 to have your hair washed? Wow!

They used a CHI flat iron on my hair and I loved how it made my hair look! I so want one!

Okay! Wow! I am random today...

I took Trinity to the Dollar Tree to buy her Daddy something special for Valentine's day. I told her that we would buy whatever she picked out.

She got him a Valentine's day balloon, a tube of toothpaste, a little figurine of a boy holding a snail, and a bath pouf! It was so funny to watch him open his special gift. He "loved" all his gifts!

This was the card she picked out.

Daddy's special Valentine's day gifts!

(Notice how Trinity has her Daddy's balloon! Ha!)

Steven took us to Cracker Barrel for our Valentine's date. I love, love, love Cracker Barrel! So yummy!

This was our family picture for this Valentine's day.

Here are our Valentine's gifts.

This is Trinity opening her card.

She got Little Golden Books!

I think she likes them!

My favorite... chocolate!

Steven got some candy and a pair of sunglasses. (Not a normal Valentine's gift, but he needed a pair.)
We had a great Valentine's day! How was yours?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trinity Is 16 Months Old!

Well people, Trinity is now 2 months away from being... gulp... a year and a half old! She is 16 months! Wowee! She has changed so much lately. I cannot believe it!
Trinity has 15 teeth!
She is in size 4 shoes.
She wears size 3 diapers.
She wears size 12-18 month clothes.
She knows and can say where her eyes, nose, ears, hair, toes, belly, and diaper is.
She can say the noise that dogs, cats, cows, turkeys, fish, and tigers make.
She has learned how to sing. It is so sweet to hear her! She is also getting better at dancing!
She says all kinds of words... Except Mommy. She has only said Mommy twice. Seriously. She doesn't even say Mam, or Mom, or anything remotely like it! Is this normal? She says Daddy or Da Da all the time. But not Mommy. I am seriously beginning to worry. Steven says she is just stubborn. I don't know. What do you think?
This is Trinity at 16 months old.
This is Trinity at 4 months old.

Trinity has learned how to take her clothes off. Yesterday, when I went to get her out of her crib when she woke up, she had taken all of her clothes off! This morning when I was taking pictures of her, she decided to take her skirt off.
Here she is starting to take her skirt off. (Good thing I had leggings on her!)

Then, once she gets her skirt off, she takes a couple of laps through the house.

Here she is on the rocking horse her Granny and Granddaddy got her. She has been scared to death of it but yesterday she got on it herself and then I put her on it this morning and she loved it.

She is a stinker!

Here are some stories about Trinity that I don't want to forget.

She loves to act like she is blowing her nose so she got a tissue from the box and "blew" her nose. She actually blows out her mouth but she thinks its the same thing.Well, I was ironing and she wanted to throw away her tissue. I let her go into our bathroom and throw it away. Then, she looked at the toilet and quickly put her hand in the toilet water and put that hand in her mouth. YUCK! She done it so quickly that I think she had it planned. There was nothing I could do about it. Oh well, I'm just glad she didn't get sick!
Trinity has learned where her diaper is. She will pat herself where her diaper is and say, "Diaper!" Last week, we were at my parent's house and my Dad was sitting at the kitchen table and Trinity went up to him, patted him where a diaper should be and said "Diaper!" I about fell out of my chair, I was laughing so hard! I think it embarrassed my Dad! Ha!
Friday night when I was making the desserts for my Pampered Chef party, I had poured some melted chocolate into the trash. I looked over at Trinity and she was eating the chocolate out of the trash can! GROSS! I really hope she doesn't get sick from all this nasty stuff!
Last week she was playing the piano and I went in there and she was singing her little heart out! It was so cute to see her playing the piano and singing. Maybe she will learn to play the piano for Mommy!
This story is about a HUGE mommy brain moment. Saturday night, we had our first Saturday night service at church. We are going to start having a Saturday night service on the first Saturday of the month. Anyways, at the altar call the regular drum player was helping someone pray at the altar so Ashlee asked me to play the drums. Well, I got so nervous that I went straight up there and started playing the drums and completely forgot about Trinity! I started playing and then looked back at Trinity and she was crying! I cannot believe that I forgot about her! Bad Mommy! I was so embarrassed!
I know this has been a boring post. Sorry! But Trinity does a lot of thing that I never want to forget and my blog is a great way to write about the funny things she does. I can't believe she is getting so big!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Pampered Chef

This Saturday I am having a Pampered Chef party! Ain't that exciting? Actually I'm a little nervous about it. I have only had one other kind of "party" like this (Home and Garden Party) and it was a disaster to say the least.

Anyways, my Pampered Chef consultant is wonderful! She has been so nice, answering my questions and things. She has set it up to where people that aren't able to come to my party can still order through me online so that I can get free and discounted products! Isn't that neat!

I love the Pampered Chef. The products they offer are really good quality and so handy. I chose to have a Pampered Chef party because the products are things that you will actually use, not just pretty things that hang on your walls and collect dust.

I have a few Pampered Chef products and I love them all. I haven't had a problem with anything that I have bought from them! That says a lot! Yes, you will pay more for the items from Pampered Chef than you would from Wal-mart, but it's much better quality and you won't find yourself having to replace the items once or twice a year.

Here are some of my favorite Pampered Chef items that I currently have...

This is, by far, my most favorite item. It is the Large Stoneware Bar Pan. I use it all the time! I love their stoneware because it is naturally nonstick. When I first bought it, I would use a light spray of nonstick spray, but now that it is seasoned, I don't have to use anything. And the food just slides right off. Also, another thing I love about the stoneware is that when I make biscuits or cookies, they brown evenly on both sides. They always turn out beautiful! When I used metal pans, the cookies or biscuits would burn on the bottom and still be undone on top. You can buy the pan for $34.00 and it is honestly worth every penny!

Next is the Pampered Chef Quikut Paring Knives. This is another product that I use everyday. These are the only knives I used for the longest time. For the past 2 years I have used these knives for cutting stick butter, and also I use these knives to cut all my meat. (I had no other knives that would cut meat so I had to use these. Steven bought me some "real" knives this past weekend.) But these knives are really good and the perfect size. I have never sharpened them either! You can get 3 knives for $4.75! And now they come in the pretty colors of pumpkin (orange), sage (green), and eggplant (purple).

I love this product too! This is a Nylon Pan Scraper. I use this all the time also. I love it because it doesn't scratch your nonstick pans or your stoneware. I also use it to scrape stuck-on dough off of my counter tops when I make biscuits. It comes in handy a lot! You get a set of 3 for $2.75.

I make a lot of sweets. I love to make them really pretty and I want them to look just like the picture in the recipe. That is why I bought this. It is the Small Spreader and it is prefect for icing. Another thing I use it for is a mini spatula. I use it to loosen and lift cookies off the pan. You can get it for $5.00.

(Another picture of the Small Spreader)

This is the Crinkle Cutter. It is for cutting vegetables to make that pretty crinkle shape. What I use it for is to chop onions real fine. Just cut your onions into chunks and then use this to chop it up into small pieces. It saves a ton of time! You can get it for $10.50.

(This is a picture of the Crinkle Cutter with the protective case on it.)

(Another picture of the Crinkle Cutter)

This is a really cool gadget. It is the Cut-N-Seal. Have you ever seen the Smucker's Uncrustables? They are really expensive. Well, with this tool, you can make them at home. Steven loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so I make these for him every now and then. I know it will come in handy when Trinity get a little older. She will love them! This would be great if you had kids, but Steven loves it too! It is $9.50.

(This is a picture of the bottom of the Cut-N-Seal)

And the last product I want to show you is the Round Stone. It is another stoneware product and I love it. I use it for frozen pizzas all the time. (Hopefully not much anymore. I am trying to cook more often:)) As you can tell, its well used! It is seasoned so it is nonstick. I have other pizza baking pans but this is the only one I use. The pizza sticks to the others really bad and they rusted. This Round Stone had metal handles but the new ones have stone handles built right into the pan which is much easier to use than mine. I forgot to measure my pan so I don't know if I have the Medium Round Stone or the Large Round Stone. You can get the Medium Round Stone (13") for $24.00 or you can get the Large Round Stone (15") for $32.00

To order these and many more products go to Select "Shop Online" in the upper right hand corner of the page, then enter my last name (Jones) as the host to have the order placed under my show!
Also, if you want to come to my party this Saturday at 12:00pm just e-mail me ( and I can give you the directions!