Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Crafty Side

I have a crafty side! Did you all know that about me? I come by it honestly because my mom is one of the craftiest people I know. I have been in the biggest mood to make things lately. Its been bad because I have house work to do and a baby to take care of! I mean she has to eat right? Well, I have been scrap booking like crazy trying to get her scrapbook finished before her birthday party. I also have been sewing a lot. I have made a few things that I haven't taken a picture of yet but I will try so that I can post them on here.
This is my latest project, a night gown for Trinity! They are so expensive, some are like 20.00! So I decided to buy a pattern to make her some. Well this pattern was supposed to be toddler sized but it was HUGE when I got it done. So Trinity won't be wearing it until a couple more years. Oh well, I had fun making it though! I just LOVE this fabric.

By the way, the last 2 pictures have nothing to do with her night gown. I just posted them for her Granny and Granddaddy!

Bye Bye Baby Pacifier

Monday was a very sad day for me. Trinity has been weened from her pacifier for about 3 weeks now but I had never thrown them away. I would see them and think, I don't want to throw them away yet. I felt that I was throwing away her baby hood (is that a word?) But the pacifiers are gone now *tears*. I just had to take a picture of them before I threw them away. My baby girl is growing up and I just ain't ready for it yet :(

Monday, September 27, 2010

Old Fashioned Days

Yesterday was Old Fashioned Days at church. It was the first time we had ever done anything like it at church and it was fun! We all got to dress up in old fashioned clothes. It took me a while to convence Steven to dress up but he did! I couldn't believe it. I made mine and Trinity's dresses. It was so much fun to make our dresses. I thought I done a pretty good job! (Please don't look very close at my dress because you will see many imperfections!)

This is me and Trinity and my friends, Ashlee and Lacey.

This is the kids and Bro.David and Chris bobbing for apples.

Steven had to get in on the action. He actually got one!

Trinity wore herself out! When we got home, she went straight to
sleep. She slept for 12 hours last night without waking up!

This is Ashlee playing hopscotch. I found out yesterday that
hopscotch is NOT my game! LOL!

This is Chris and Lacey at their game booth.

This is Trinity playing a game. Notice the kids in the background.
They had a blast!

Our old fashioned little family. How sweet!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trinity's First Dentist Appointment

This morning at 9:30 Trinity had her first dentist appointment! The staff at the dentist's office were so nice! (Thanks Ashlee for the recommendation!) They got us in and out very quick! They thought she was the cutest little thing walking in there carrying her little purse!

Trinity has 8 teeth and the dentist said that they look perfect! He said that I was doing all the right things like brushing her teeth at night, which made me feel good! They were very surprised that she doesn't take a pacifier anymore and she doesn't suck her thumb. They were also surprised that she only has one bottle a day (in the morning). They said that those were really good things. All they done was brush her teeth and then brush them with fluoride.

They did say that she has a flap of skin in between her two front teeth that wasn't supposed to be there. He said that she would probably grow out of it but if she didn't then they would have to clip it when she gets her permanent teeth in.

She done great at her first visit and she has to go back in 6 months. Hopefully she does good at that appointment too!

This is Trinity in the car before we left.
This is Trinity in the waiting room.
This is Trinity in the room before the Dentist came in.

Trinity Is Walking!

Saturday night Steven and I were sitting in the living room playing with Trinity. I was sitting in the floor playing with her and I said walk to Mommy. Well, she took right off and walked to me! She done it several times. We were so excited!

She keeps on taking more and more steps at a time and letting go more often! It is so exciting to see her actually walking. It's hard on me though because I know she is growing up. It's bittersweet :(

Another thing she can do now is blow kisses! It is so cute to see her do it! I couldn't get a picture of her doing it though.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kiddy Kats Consignment Sale

Last night was the consignor's night to shop at the Kiddy Kats consignment sale. Trinity and I met Steven at work and we all went. It started at 6:00 so we got there around 5:15 so that we could get a good spot in the line. Actually, we were the first in line! There ended up being about 150 people in line by 6:00 so I was glad we went early.

There was too much stuff to choose from! There is no way you could have looked through even half of it. This sale has been their biggest one ever. I was looking for Trinity an upright car seat but I couldn't find one. There was about 7 there but they were not in very good shape and the cheapest one was 20.00 and the one I want to buy her is only 40.00 new so I didn't want to spend that much for a used one.

I did find her lots for clothes though! I got her 2 winter coats, 7 dresses, 3 jackets, 2 hair bows, 1 pair of leg warmers, 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of tights, 1 shirt, and a tray for her Bumbo seat! I can't wait to go back Friday night when a lot of the stuff will be half off!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I thought that Trinity looked so cute yesterday morning for Sunday school that I just had to share some pictures! In 3 more weeks she will be in Lacey's Sunday school class!

Hurricane Trinity

Trinity has found something that she likes to do!
She loves to take all the toys out of her toy box and then just leave the room. She will sit there and throw everyone of them out, not playing with a single one of them, and then go do something else. It seriously looks like a hurricane hit the house sometimes! I have learned to not clean them up until right before Steven gets home from work because she will just do it again. I think maybe she has too many toys! Ha!

Our 11 Month Old Little Girl

Thursday Trinity turned 11 months! I just can't believe it! She has learned so many new things this month. It's so hard to believe that next month she will be 1!

* She has 7 teeth. 4 on top and 3 on the bottom.

*She still sleeps through the night.

*She has taken her first step but isn't walking yet.
*She has only one bottle a day and that is in the morning when she first wakes up.
*Friday was the last time she has had her pacifier.
*She loves to eat sweets.
*She is in size 6-9 month clothes and wears size 2 or 3 in shoes.
*She wears size 3 diapers.
*She loves to mock what people do.
*Her hair is finally growing a lot. I can't wait until I can curl it!
Here are some stories of things that she has done recently...
One day I was brushing her hair. She loves to play with her hair brush so I gave it to her when I was finished. She got the brush and started brushing her own hair!
She hates for her face to be wiped. One day I was wiping her face off and she got mad at me and grabbed the wipe and wiped my face with it!
Here in the last week we have noticed that she calls me "I EE" (Ivy) instead of mommy!
She will pick up her toy cell phone and hold it up to her ear and say hi.
I have pictures of her hanging on the wall in our hall and she loves to wave at them. I always say, "Aww... those are pretty babies." One day, I said, "Trinity, where are the babies?" Well, she looked up and waved at her picture on the wall. She learns a lot more than I think.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Vacation #2 2010

We were blessed this year to be able to take 2 vacations! Last week we went to Tennessee and we had a blast! It was nice because most of our vacations consist of us being very busy doing all that we can do in a short period of time. All we had planned to do this trip was going to the Chattanooga Aquarium, Wonder Works, and the Titanic Museum. We left at 6:00am Monday and got back home around 2:00pm Thursday.
This is Trinity Monday morning before we left.
We went to Chattanooga first so we could go to the aquarium. We only had a couple minor problems along the way :) We got to the aquarium right when it opened and there wasn't hardly anyone there. The workers were so nice and the aquarium was the best we have ever been to. It was a whole lot better than the aquarium that we went to in Chicago at the beginning of the year!

This is me and Trinity standing in a tunnel in an aquarium.

Trinity loved all the fish! Especially the orange ones!
We liked that she could stand up and walk that close to the tank and actually get to touch the tank. She would get so excited when a fish would come close to her.

This is Trinity and Steven watching the penguins. Trinity
loved the penguins!
We took a break from the aquarium and went to TGIFridays. We had never eaten there before and wanted to try it out. The food was pretty good (minus the hair, or "fiber" as the manager called it, we found in my salad.) After we were finished eating, we went back to the aquarium and looked at the rest of it. We saw all kinds of things. I even touched a sting ray! I said I wasn't going to but I did. It was pretty neat!

After we were finished at the aquarium, Steven wanted to walk over this bridge. We had done some research on Chattanooga, Tennessee to see what all we wanted to do there and this was what Steven chose. Bridges don't interest me a bit but this bridge was very cool! I'm glad we done it.

Don't he look like he is ready to go hiking?

This was the ramp we had to walk up to get to the bridge since we had a stroller. It doesn't look like a long walk but believe me, IT WAS! Wears me out just thinking about it!

We had to also walk across this bridge to get to the other bridge. The bottom was glass and it moved when you walked across it! I didn't think I was going to make it. Quite scary! Normally heights don't bother me but this was pretty high up. Like as in over top of the city!

We got to walk around in Chattanooga. This was a piano that was made out of brick! It was pretty neat.
After we were finished walking around in Chattanooga, we headed to Gatlinburg where our hotel was. We were wore out when we got to the hotel. We ordered pizza and Steven was asleep by the time it got to our room. I think he slept while eating it so I don't think he remembers that part of our vacation!
After we went to sleep Monday night, I woke up around 2:00am with awful chest pains. My chest and throat felt like they were on fire. It was so bad that I had to wake Steven up. He prayed for me and as soon as he said amen, I felt better and went right to sleep! I'm thankful I serve a God who never sleeps and is always there to hear and answer our prayers!

Tuesday morning we went to Wonder Works. This place was very cool! I would defiantly go back! There was all kinds of things to do in there! By the way, this picture is not upside-down. That is how the building is! Too neat!

Steven climbed this rock wall. He climbed it in, like, seconds!
There is no way I could have done that, no way was I gonna try!

This was Trinity on a huge piano in Wonder Works. I think that
Trinity was kind of scared in this place. I'm sure she won't be a few more years!

After we went to Wonder Works, we went to the Titanic
museum. I love reading about the Titanic and I have always
been fascinated by it. When you board the "ship" they give you a boarding pass with a name and facts about someone that was actually on the ship when it sunk. I was a maid at the 1st class spa on the ship, Steven was a worker in the kitchen, and Trinity was a 2 week old baby that was on the ship (and that woman didn't die until last year!). All three of us survived! It was awesome to see things that were actually
on the ship. I also learned some things about it! One of the most interesting things I learned was that there was 706 3rd class passenger on board and on 2 baths for them. Can you imagine 706 people trying to take a bath? I guess they just didn't bathe!

After the museum, we went to the scrapbook outlet. Oh. Wow.
I could have spent all day long in there. Steven and Trinity wouldn't let me though :(
Wednesday we went to Cade's Cove. Its a place in the middle of no where, where you drive an 11 mile loop to see "all kinds of wild life". I am NOT an outdoors gal. I guess I'm not in tune with my "nature" side. I wanted to go because I have always wanted to see a bear in the wild. Well we drove over 70 miles to end up seeing 4 wild turkey and a crow. Plus we were all hungry. This was not the highlight of our trip that's for sure! While out there in the middle of nowhere, our car started jerking and sputtering! We prayed over our car and it didn't do it again! Praise the Lord!(Yes, God can heal vehicles too!)

Wednesday night we just walked around Gatlinburg and took it easy.
We had a great time and Trinity loved the ice cream we ate!

We had a great vacation. Thank God for a safe trip and for
blessing us with being able to go!