Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Crafty Side

I have a crafty side! Did you all know that about me? I come by it honestly because my mom is one of the craftiest people I know. I have been in the biggest mood to make things lately. Its been bad because I have house work to do and a baby to take care of! I mean she has to eat right? Well, I have been scrap booking like crazy trying to get her scrapbook finished before her birthday party. I also have been sewing a lot. I have made a few things that I haven't taken a picture of yet but I will try so that I can post them on here.
This is my latest project, a night gown for Trinity! They are so expensive, some are like 20.00! So I decided to buy a pattern to make her some. Well this pattern was supposed to be toddler sized but it was HUGE when I got it done. So Trinity won't be wearing it until a couple more years. Oh well, I had fun making it though! I just LOVE this fabric.

By the way, the last 2 pictures have nothing to do with her night gown. I just posted them for her Granny and Granddaddy!


  1. Yes that poor baby has to eat!Don't make me come to see her everyday just to make sure you are not starving her! Remember yesterday?Lol I am just kidding i know you are a great mommy!

  2. LOVE the gown. I may have to try that next!

  3. Hey Ivy!! I've been meaning to stop by and read your blog forever, but life is crazy! Thanks for stopping by my photo blog and leaving a note!!

    I LOVE the nightgown you made! I recently made one for my 3 year old out of two pillow cases. It turned out so cute. I'm thinking I might have to try making a few more. Sunshine loves "pajama dresses".