Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pictures Of Trinity

Here are just various pictures of our baby girl.
This is Trinity in a Long John Sliver's hat! Too funny!

This is Trinity and my niece, Chelsi, from Ohio.

This is Trinity in her new swing. She loves it!

This is Trinity at the mall.

Steven's First Father's Day

Sunday was Steven's first Father's day! I'm sure he had a wonderful day. Trinity was dressed in her father's day apparel (a pink shirt with "Daddy's Princess" written on it). First I got up early and fixed Steven a Father's Day breakfast and the we went to Sunday School and then we went home and Steven opened his Father's Day gift from Trinity. Then we went to Steven's mom and dad's house for lunch. Yummy! I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband and I know Trinity is thankful for her Da Da.

Trinity put her special "hand print" on her Da Da's card.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Is Here!

Happy summer from the Jones'!

Sluder Family Photos

Saturday I had the privilege of photographing my nephew's family. He hadn't had family pictures done since their son, Hudson, was born so he asked me to do them! I was so excited and I think that they turned out really good. We couldn't get a whole family picture because Hudson was sleepy and little bit fussy. These pictures are the ones I picked that were my favorite. I couldn't choose only one of the mom and dad that I liked best so I put my 2 favorites on here. I hope you like them!

Dad's Surprise Father's Day Party

Saturday We threw my dad a surprise father's day party at the park. I was so much fun to have my family together like that. I had been a long time since we had been able to do that.

This is my dad and 2 of my brothers, Kevin and Dwight, when they first brought
my dad to the park.

This is my mom and dad and all of my brothers and sisters
except one sister. She is very sick and I would like for everyone
to please pray for her. Her name is Denise.

This is my dad with his UK basketball signed by John Calipari
that my sister got him. This was definitely the highlight of his

This is my little family.

This is a picture of everyone that came.There are 10 of us
kids so we have a HUGE family. There was 46 people that
came to the party and we all had a blast!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Trinity's First Festival

Saturday, Trinity and I went to the Great American Brass Band Festival. First we went to the parade and then later that night we went to hear the bands play. Well, Lacey went to hear the bands play and I went to eat the good, greasy festival food! Trinity loved it! For some reason, all my pictures on this post are in the wrong order so the pictures from the parade are on the bottom and the pictures from the night are on the top. I could have moved them but it would have been a lot of work! Hope you like the pictures!

This is Ashley and Kari.

This is Trinity and Malachi holding hands!

This is Lacey and Ashley.

This is Trinity and me.

This is Malachi

This is Kari.

This is Trinity and Kari.

My beautiful little girl!

This is Trinity at Zaxby's for lunch.

She really liked the fried dill pickles!

This is Trinity playing with her balloon.

This is me and Trinity at the parade.

This is Trinity in her stroller getting ready to go to her first parade!

Pictures From Vacation Bible School 2010

This is Lyndsey and Trinity sitting in their class.

This is Trinity at snack time.

This is my friend Beck holding Trinity. Doesn't she have
a mischievous grin on her face?

Our 8 Month Old Baby Girl

Wednesday, Trinity turned 8 Months old! She is really growing up fast. Here are a few things about her at 8 months.

She has 2 teeth on the bottom and one that is through the skin on the top.

She eats 6 ounces of formula every 3 hours.

She still sleeps through the night.

She can crawl anywhere and everywhere.

She pulls herself up to stand.

She can walk around while holding on to things.

She is finally starting to like fruit baby food.

She can clap her ands and praise the Lord.

She loves music.

She had finally said Ma Ma but only twice.

She hates to get in her walker.

She takes about 3 naps a day.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trinity's Frist Vacation Bible School

Last night was the first night of Vacation Bible School at Cuba Community Church of God. Trinity and I went because they have a class for any age! Trinity stayed in her class until half way through and then she started crying wanting her mommy and they had to bring her out to me :).

In my class, we are making clay pots! It was so much fun last night to work with the clay. I felt like a kid again playing with play doh! I can't wait to go back tonight. Maybe Trinity will stay in her class. We won't be able to go tomorrow night because Steven is preaching at a church close to our house and Thursday night because we have church at our home church but we plan on going Friday and Saturday!

This is us in line to go in!

Things I Do When My Husband Isn't Looking

Saturday Steven needed to paint the roof of his building. When he got out his paint, it had hardened at the top because it wasn't sealed good. It was a 5 gallon bucket of white oil based paint. I thought it was really neat that the paint had hardened so I poked on it with my finger.Nothing happened so I guess my mind told me that it was hard all the way through so I got the idea to try to stand on the hardened paint. This is what happened when my husband wasn't keeping a good eye on me...

Since it was oil based paint, water doesn't take it off. I had to sit a scrub my leg and foot and flip flop with gasoline. There was white foot prints all over the yard!

It wasn't the brightest thing I had ever done! I guess if Trinity isn't making a mess, I am! Steven needs to start watching us better.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Various Pictures Of My Baby Girl

This is Trinity and Malachi playing with/fighting over the tambourine.

This is the way Trinity fell asleep the other day.

My silly little girl!

Trinity and her daddy.

Roasting Marshmallows In The Rain

Monday night my sister and her family had a bon fire at the pond in front of my house and they invited us to come and roast marshmallows with them. Well it rained the whole time. We were very wet so we wasn't able to stay long but it was fun!

These are my nephews, Hunter and Austin.

This is my sister, Marcia letting Trinity watch the fire.

This is my niece Hannah.

This is my niece's husband, Derek.

This is Steven and my brother-in-law, Charlie.

This is my niece, Keri, and her son, Sawyer.