Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry (late) Christmas everybody! I have had these pictures uploaded to my blog for about a week but haven't gotten around to actually blogging about it! I'm a little late. Oh well!
We had a great Christmas! On Christmas eve, we open one gift each.

This was Trinity waiting to open her gift!

(Please excuse my HUGE belly!)

Steven got me a camera lens coffee mug! I love it! Right up my alley!

I got Steven a basketball game. Him and Trinity played with it all day on Christmas eve!

This is Trinity and me at my mom and dads house on Christmas eve night. We do Christmas at their house on Christmas eve instead of Christmas day.

This was Trinity on Christmas morning. She was so excited! She got up at around 7 am and ran into our bedroom and said, "HEY!" and then climbed in bed with us. She hardly ever gets up that early! We read the Christmas story together and then got right to opening gifts! It took us forever!

I put this next picture on here to prove 2 things. Number 1, my husband is the worse photographer ever! Seriously, almost every picture he took on Christmas was like this. I don't know how he does it! Ha! Number 2, to prove just how huge my belly is! Ha!

Oh, and can you guess what was in this huge box?? A Gift card to O'Charley's! Yeah, Steven uses big boxes!

Steven and me took Trinity to Dollar stores and let her pick us out some Christmas gifts all by herself. She loved it!
This is what she got me.

And this is what she got Steven. I think it's funny that she picked out pom-poms for both of us!

Here is our family picture! I can't wait to see next year's picture because it will have an extra little person in it!

Later on Christmas, we went to Steven's mom and dad's house to do Christmas there.

This was Trinity opening her doll house that her Granny and Granddaddy got her. She loves it!

This is Trinity and her uncle Nick putting her doll house together.

This is the annual Jones family photo.

We had a great Christmas! I got everything put away the day after Christmas so now I can focus on getting the house ready for TITUS!! Only about 3 and a half weeks left! Yay!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Away In A Manger

We had our Christmas service tonight at church. Trinity was in a little skit and she was an angel! Isn't she the cutest angel you've ever seen??
This was Trinity when they were practicing. I think it's so funny that her angel belt kept falling off!

Mary, Joseph, and the angel on their way to Bethlehem!

Ashley's kids make the cutest Mary and Joesph! Although Malachi kept on saying he wanted wings like Trinity! Ha! Kari sung Away In A Manger and done a great job as always!

Chris and Lacey also done a skit. It was so funny! I just had to post these pictures of them in their costumes!

This is Trinity and Malachi playing under the table after church.
Trinity wore this hat almost the whole time we were eating after church! I think it's hilarious! I kept calling her Farmer Brown! She is a hoot!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

An Update On Trinity & The Best Husband Of The Year Award!

I just wanted to post about how Trinity is doing. She is doing a lot better today! Praise the Lord. Yesterday was the first day she didn't have a fever and Thursday she ate about 3/4 of a pancake. I am very thankful for that! Yesterday, she only ate about a 1/2 cup of dry cereal. That is the only thing she wanted. She has been drinking really good.

I took her to a different doctor Wednesday since my doctor's office never called me back. The cut in her mouth was definitely infected which caused the rest of her mouth to get infected. So she is on an antibiotic.

She only woke up 2 times last night with her mouth hurting which is awesome! I tried all morning to get her to eat but she wouldn't. I was making a cake for some cake pops for church tonight and she said she wanted a bite of the cake batter. (Yes. I let my child eat cake batter and yes, I know it has raw eggs in it.) I was more than happy to let her eat it!
I gave her the bowl (after I poured out what I was going to use for the actual cake) and let her have at it! I was so happy to see her finally be able to eat something without her crying that her mouth hurt. I am praying that she will be able to eat more today!

Also, the best husband of the year award goes to... my husband, Steven! Thursday night after church Steven said he had a surprise for me. Well, Friday morning we woke up around 8 o'clock and I jumped up and said, "Steven! Your going to be late for work!" He said, "You want to know what your surprise is? I took today off so I can help you get your housework done because I know your tired from taking care of Trinity all week."

Ain't that the sweetest thing ever? He also got up all through the night with Trinity. I just though she didn't wake up much with her mouth hurting but come to find out, he got up with her. He is so sweet!

Thank you all for praying for Trinity!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Prayer Request

Hey guys! Just wanted to drop in and ask you guys to still pray for Trinity. This is day number 4 with a fever and day number 2 with nothing to eat. She woke up this morning with blisters in her mouth and I noticed a while ago that her gums are purple and white and it kind of looks like thrush?? I have called the doctor's office and they haven't gotten back with me yet. Just praying and waiting. Thankfully, she has played more today than she has the past 4 days. I just want my baby to be able to eat.

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Sewing Day!

I had a list a mile long of sewing projects that I wanted to do and it was just getting bigger and bigger. So Friday, I decided to just focus on getting some sewing done.

I have been wanting to make me and Trinity matching aprons. Here is mine...

And here is Trinity's. I think they turned out really cute! This is going to be one of her Christmas gifts. We also got her some Melissa and Doug play food sets for Christmas so she will love wearing this apron while making play cookies and play pizza!

I found a free tutorial for making a mini coloring book tote bag. It turned out so cute!

This is also a Christmas gift. I think it will be really handy for taking to church. Here is the link for the free tutorial if you want to make one too! It was so easy!

I still have quite a bit to make. I have 3 blankets, some bibs, and burp cloths to make for Titus. I have 2 nursing covers to make for me and also Titus' Christening outfit for him to wear when he gets dedicated. Also, my mother-in-law gave me some old sewing patterns and one of them is for a 13" rag doll with a bunch of clothes for it. I want to make this for Trinity too. I think I'll have to have another sewing day real soon!

I also have a prayer request. Trinity has been sick for the past 2 days. She keeps complaining that her mouth hurts (where she got cut) and she is running a fever. I thought maybe her mouth was infected but I took her to the doctor today and he said that it wasn't infected. He don't know why she is running a temperature though. It was 102.4 when the nurse checked it today. He checked her ears and they looked good. He also checked her throat and it looked good too. So I don't know why she is running a fever. We gave her the medicine he prescribed and she is feeling better than she has for the past 2 days. I am very thankful for that!

She hasn't been able to eat today until now. She kept saying that her mouth hurt when she would take a bite. But she has ate a few bites of chicken nuggets.

Please pray that the fever doesn't come back and that her mouth quits bothering her. Thank you!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Eventful Day

Monday was a very eventful and busy day. First, we (me, my mom, and Trinity) left the house at 8:45 to go to my doctor's appointment. Doctor D was in a very talkative mood! She was crazy which is why I like her and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!

All is fine with me and Titus. Thank the Lord! His little heart was beating really fast! (Which is good!) And I had lost a pound! Good news!

When we pulled into the doctor's office parking lot, Trinity smiled and yelled, "TITUS!" I think she thought we were going to have another ultrasound. Ha! I wonder how she will be when she finally gets to meet him??

After the doctor's appointment we headed straight to a different town to do some shopping. The Christmas party for the employees' children where Steven works was Monday night so we were planning on shopping, coming home and resting and then Trinity and I were going to go back to town to go to the party. We ended up shopping all. day. long and we didn't have enough time to come home and go back so we just stayed until the party.

Whew! I was already very tired by the time we got to the party, but I knew Trinity would like it so I took her.

Steven decided to skip the party and go to a revival at Bond Holiness Church in Jackson county.

Trinity loved the bouncy thing! (Don't know what you call it! Ha!)

The whole day, my mom and I were trying to get Trinity ready for her picture with Santa. She is terrified of anyone or anything dressed up in a costume so I knew she probably wouldn't like this.

She was so excited all day about getting to see Santa, then when she actually saw him, she was scared to death!

Such a lovely picture! Ha! If you will look close, you can see her frown. Poor thing!

But she did like getting a gift!

We leave the party and get home around 8. I had gotten my new awesome Joovy Caboose stroller in the mail and I was so excited to put it together! Trinity was too because she loves helping me.

Anyways, we were putting it together and Trinity said she had to go potty. I took her to the potty and found out she needed to go #2. So, instead of just standing there, I said, "Trinity, Mommy is going to go back and work on the stroller and you tell me when your done. Okay?" I do this all the time. She usually just takes herself to the potty so I was not worried about her. Well, about 3 minutes later, I heard a bang and then screaming. I ran back to the bathroom and there was blood everywhere!

I panicked! I opened her mouth and there was a huge cut in it. I started saying over and over, "Oh Lord Jesus help Trinity!" She calmed down pretty quickly but I didn't! I decided to take her to the ER to make sure she didn't need stitches (like I said, I panicked) and to make sure she didn't have any loose teeth.

I called my mom and dad and my dad took us to the hospital. I had to call my pastor's wife to call someone at the church Steven was at to get a hold of Steven because we have no cell phone signal there.

Everything turned out fine, and Trinity is okay. She has seriously only complained about 8 times since with her mouth hurting. I would probably be crying all the time if it were my mouth because she has a pretty big cut!

But, I am very thankful because things could have been a lot worse. I originally thought she had fallen off the toilet, but when we were at the hospital, I noticed some bleach stains on her dress. I had just bought that dress that day and I knew there was no way there could have been bleach on it. So when we got home, I investigated a little and found that Trinity was already finished using the potty. She had gotten out my bleach toilet bowl cleaner and had poured it into the toilet and spilled some on the floor and slipped on it and hit her mouth on the toilet seat. I don't know how she done this in such short time!

I know, I know, I should have been watching her better. I feel awful about it! I am just so thankful that she just hit her mouth and that she didn't swallow any bleach! That would have been a lot worse.

I hope this makes sense to y'all! And I really hope we don't have anymore eventful days for a long time!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Titus' Baby Shower

Saturday was Titus' baby shower! I didn't think this baby would get a shower since he is number 2, but my sister said she would throw us one and I was so excited!

Here is our cute rubber duckie cake! I love it!

And here is big sis! She also was excited about the baby shower but she thought Titus was going to be there. Ha! Bless her heart. She can't wait for him to come! (I hope it stays that way!)

We got all kinds of awesome gifts for Titus!

Here are some of the kids that were there. They are so precious!

And, our family of 3 and 1/2! I know it's going to be a lot different with 2 children!

A HUGE thank you to everyone that came to our baby shower! I was so worried that no one would be there since we kept getting calls saying people couldn't make it. But, people showed up and we had a good time!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meet Titus! (Sort of)

Monday we had our 3D ultrasound! Here is a picture of our precious baby boy!

This is Titus with his fingers in his mouth. To me, it kind of looks like he is praying!

This is a close up of his face. He is still sucking on his fingers! How sweet!

Our ultrasound tech tried so hard to get a good picture of his face but he was not having it. He is already very stubborn!

He was head down (yay!) with his face to my back which made it very hard to see his face.

She said he weighs 3 lbs. and 14 ozs. She also said that she thinks he will be a small baby (as in around 7 lbs.) but of course, that is just a guess.

He had the hiccups during the ultrasound which was really neat to watch! He was asleep through the whole thing also. He seems to sleep through the day and is awake all night. I hope he changes that very soon!

I went to Walmart to scan the ultrasound pictures to make copies and today when I went to look for the original pictures, I could not find them! I must have left them laying in the scanner at Walmart. I am so sad! I am going to go there Monday to see if anyone turned them in. I really hope so! At least I have the prints I made from them. I am very thankful for that!

I'm really looking forward to finally meeting this little guy and holding him in my arms!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011, Christmas Trees, & School!

Happy (late) Thanksgiving y'all! We had a great one! Here's some pictures from Thanksgiving...

We finally got our Christmas tree put up! Trinity loves it! She has done really good with it. I was afraid she would open up her Christmas gifts, but she hasn't touched them.

I found this book at Walmart...

Trinity is having an awful time learning her colors so I bought it hoping it would help. We both love this workbook! It has helped a bunch! (I was beginning to think Trinity was colorblind!)

We call it "school", and she loves to do the pages everyday!

In other news... The Boggs Family (minus one :( We missed you Odie!) surprised us and came to our church last night! We were all SO happy to see them!

Well, it seems I'm getting pretty great at random blog posts! Hope you like them!