Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Eventful Day

Monday was a very eventful and busy day. First, we (me, my mom, and Trinity) left the house at 8:45 to go to my doctor's appointment. Doctor D was in a very talkative mood! She was crazy which is why I like her and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!

All is fine with me and Titus. Thank the Lord! His little heart was beating really fast! (Which is good!) And I had lost a pound! Good news!

When we pulled into the doctor's office parking lot, Trinity smiled and yelled, "TITUS!" I think she thought we were going to have another ultrasound. Ha! I wonder how she will be when she finally gets to meet him??

After the doctor's appointment we headed straight to a different town to do some shopping. The Christmas party for the employees' children where Steven works was Monday night so we were planning on shopping, coming home and resting and then Trinity and I were going to go back to town to go to the party. We ended up shopping all. day. long and we didn't have enough time to come home and go back so we just stayed until the party.

Whew! I was already very tired by the time we got to the party, but I knew Trinity would like it so I took her.

Steven decided to skip the party and go to a revival at Bond Holiness Church in Jackson county.

Trinity loved the bouncy thing! (Don't know what you call it! Ha!)

The whole day, my mom and I were trying to get Trinity ready for her picture with Santa. She is terrified of anyone or anything dressed up in a costume so I knew she probably wouldn't like this.

She was so excited all day about getting to see Santa, then when she actually saw him, she was scared to death!

Such a lovely picture! Ha! If you will look close, you can see her frown. Poor thing!

But she did like getting a gift!

We leave the party and get home around 8. I had gotten my new awesome Joovy Caboose stroller in the mail and I was so excited to put it together! Trinity was too because she loves helping me.

Anyways, we were putting it together and Trinity said she had to go potty. I took her to the potty and found out she needed to go #2. So, instead of just standing there, I said, "Trinity, Mommy is going to go back and work on the stroller and you tell me when your done. Okay?" I do this all the time. She usually just takes herself to the potty so I was not worried about her. Well, about 3 minutes later, I heard a bang and then screaming. I ran back to the bathroom and there was blood everywhere!

I panicked! I opened her mouth and there was a huge cut in it. I started saying over and over, "Oh Lord Jesus help Trinity!" She calmed down pretty quickly but I didn't! I decided to take her to the ER to make sure she didn't need stitches (like I said, I panicked) and to make sure she didn't have any loose teeth.

I called my mom and dad and my dad took us to the hospital. I had to call my pastor's wife to call someone at the church Steven was at to get a hold of Steven because we have no cell phone signal there.

Everything turned out fine, and Trinity is okay. She has seriously only complained about 8 times since with her mouth hurting. I would probably be crying all the time if it were my mouth because she has a pretty big cut!

But, I am very thankful because things could have been a lot worse. I originally thought she had fallen off the toilet, but when we were at the hospital, I noticed some bleach stains on her dress. I had just bought that dress that day and I knew there was no way there could have been bleach on it. So when we got home, I investigated a little and found that Trinity was already finished using the potty. She had gotten out my bleach toilet bowl cleaner and had poured it into the toilet and spilled some on the floor and slipped on it and hit her mouth on the toilet seat. I don't know how she done this in such short time!

I know, I know, I should have been watching her better. I feel awful about it! I am just so thankful that she just hit her mouth and that she didn't swallow any bleach! That would have been a lot worse.

I hope this makes sense to y'all! And I really hope we don't have anymore eventful days for a long time!


  1. Wow...I bet you slept good that night! If this is the worst thing that happens to her during toddler-hood you'll be doing GREAT! :) We've had so many accidents around here lately. Emma tried to walk on a board that was sitting on two sawhorses and fell off and busted her chin, Elijah busted his eyebrow when John let him shoot his crossbow (MEN), and Gracie dropped a 40 oz can of sweet potatos on her toe (the day before Thanksgiving) and lost her toenail. Yep, it's excitement around here! :0)

  2. waw ! Now I know what i got to look forward to in a few years. lol i'm glad it was not serious and you are right about drinking it my sister use to put stuff in her mouth real bad. We caught her eating a bath oil bead once! lol

  3. I know you feel awful,but things will happen no matter how closely you watch them! You are a great Mother!! Trinity is a tough little girl.
    Remember all the things Hannah ate and got into? So far you have been very blessed with her. Love ya!