Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011, Christmas Trees, & School!

Happy (late) Thanksgiving y'all! We had a great one! Here's some pictures from Thanksgiving...

We finally got our Christmas tree put up! Trinity loves it! She has done really good with it. I was afraid she would open up her Christmas gifts, but she hasn't touched them.

I found this book at Walmart...

Trinity is having an awful time learning her colors so I bought it hoping it would help. We both love this workbook! It has helped a bunch! (I was beginning to think Trinity was colorblind!)

We call it "school", and she loves to do the pages everyday!

In other news... The Boggs Family (minus one :( We missed you Odie!) surprised us and came to our church last night! We were all SO happy to see them!

Well, it seems I'm getting pretty great at random blog posts! Hope you like them!

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  1. LOL!! Busy times in the Jones household! I love it that Trinity is becoming my "baby" and wanting me to hold her all the time. Love you all!!


    Ash, Kari, and Malachi