Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pre-Christmas Fun!

We've been having tons of fun here at the Jones house! This has been the least busy Christmas I have had since I've been married and I've loved it!

I wanted Trinity to make something to give to some of our friends and family. There isn't much she can do yet but I decided she could finger paint! I cut out cupcake letters with my Cricut machine and she painted the top part of them. She loved getting messy!

Yes. She has paint on (and in) her mouth! By the way, if you ever do a finger painting project with your child, make sure you have water! Steven had the water turned off because he was fixing one of our sinks while Trinity was finger painting so we had to wash up with baby wipes. Not a good idea!

These are the ornaments after they were finished. They didn't turn out as "Christmasy" as I had hoped but they are still cute!

Sunday, the kids got to open gifts at church. Here they are all lined up!

This is Trinity with her gift.

On the third Sunday of every month, after Sunday school our church goes to the local nursing home. We usually sing and then our pastor preaches. This Sunday was a special Christmas service. So we sung Christmas songs. But Trinity, Kari and Malachi got to dress up and walk around the halls and meet the residents. They loved seeing the little kids dressed up as Mary, Joseph, and a little angel!

Isn't she the cutest angel ever?!

This is Mary, Joseph, and the little angel.

Aren't they so cute!

Here is our tree stuffed with Christmas gifts! We will be ALL day long opening gifts! Which is fine by me! Thank you God for blessing our family.

Trinity Is 14 Months Old!

Trinity is now 14 months old! I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. She has changed so much in the past couple of months. It seems like she changes every few minutes! Here are some things about her at 14 months...

She has 3 teeth coming through which makes her having a total of 11 teeth! Wow!

She loves to eat chicken. It is her favorite food. (Besides sweets!)

She knows where her nose and belly is.

She can tell you what sounds a dog, cat, fish, and tiger make.

She says "ite" (bite) all day long!

She still sleeps through the night.

She has a little attitude!

She can shake her head no.

She says "Oh, Pee!" Which means oh, pretty!

She loves to blow kisses.

She is in size 12-18 month clothes.

She is in size 3 diapers.

This is Trinity at 14 months.

This is Trinity at 2 months.

I have a story to share about Trinity.

Trinity has been on this throwing things away kick. Which is fine, when it is something that actually needs thrown away. I just got a new sewing/embroidery machine. I also just ordered around $50 worth of embroidery thread for it. I haven't had much time to use it so I just put the box of thread on top of my machine and left it there. Well, last week I needed the thread and couldn't find it anywhere. I looked all over the place. I pretty much tore the house apart looking for it but it was no where to be found. I even looked in our storage building and it wasn't there. After spending all day looking for it and wondering where it could be, I finally decided to look out in the place we put our trash bags until the garbage people come and get it. Well, in the second bag I picked up, there it was. I was so excited to find it but also frustrated to know that Trinity threw it away. I guess I'll have to go through the trash before I take it out now.

Trinity is at such a fun age! I can't wait to see what she learns next!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Prayer Request

Updated to say that everyone is doing fine! Thank you all for praying!

I have a prayer request for all you my friends. My friend Ashlee text messaged me tonight wanting Steven and me to pray for her because her throat has hurt her for 3 days and she said that the pain is moving down into her neck. She can't eat because of this. She said that Matthew and Chris were getting ready to pray for her. She has blisters all in her throat. It sounds to me like she has strep throat. If that is the case, I believe it is contagious. Please pray that Matthew, Kari, and Malachi don't get it.

Also, please pray for Steven. He came home from work today sick. Trinity has been sick all week and I've been sick since Sunday. Trinity and I are both better, praise God! But please pray that Steven will be healed.

God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we could ask or think! That's just what He does! Period.

(This was posted from my iPod, so please over look any misspellings!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

Well guys, we finally got our Christmas tree up! Last week we finally had the time to put it up. I love our Christmas tree. I think it is so pretty! I was a little (a lot) worried about Trinity messing with it but she has been great! She likes to look at it, but she doesn't touch it! We haven't had a problem with her and I am so glad!

This year I put a tree up in Trinity's room for her.
She loves it. I decorated it in all pink! I like
her tree better than mine!

Playing In The Snow

We had our first "big" snow of the year over the weekend. I was so excited to let Trinity play in the snow. She actually liked it! I had her so bundled up that she couldn't move though. Ha! She looks like a little Eskimo!

This was Trinity's first big snow last year. Look how little she was!

This is us with the first big snow this year.
I'm really hoping that we have many big snows this year!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday 2010

Steven and I have been Black Friday shoppers since we've been married. We have been every year since we got married. Steven absolutely despises shopping but on Black Friday, he is a pro! He loves it!

I was a little worried this year because Walmart's sale started at midnight instead of 5 am like it normally does. Which meant... I was going to have to leave Trinity over night. I didn't want to do that. But I did. And I cried a little. Okay, I cried a lot. I have never left her to spend the night before.

I quickly got over it when we got to Walmart and there was already 1 hundred million people there. Well, you know what I mean :) There were a lot of things I wanted to get. Most of which were for Trinity, of course!

I stood in line for the Furreal pets walking kitten, and Steven stood in line for the Little Mommy doll. (Can y'all see Steven standing in line for a doll? Ha! He is such a good daddy!) I needed 6 of the walking kittens (for my Sunday School class) so that was going to be a challenge. At first there wasn't many people in line for the kittens but at the end, there were a lot of people wanting them. Everyone was nice and I got all the kittens that I needed. Thank you, Jesus that I didn't get trampled!

We was out of Walmart by about 12:15 am and then at Kmart standing in line in the sleet and rain by 4:30am because they opened at 5 am. We were out of Kmart by 5:10am and headed to Big Lots to stand in line because they opened at 6 am. Then off to the Somerset Mall which was about 15 minutes from Big Lots. We got what we wanted and then got some food and headed home. We were home by 10:00am.

We were both completely wore out! I was in line at Bath and Body works and seriously was falling asleep. I thought I would just fall over and knock down all the pretty candles and lotions. That would have been too bad :)

But, good for me, Trinity hadn't slept the entire night so when we got home, Trinity took a good long nap! And so did Mama! (My mom probably did too cause she didn't get any sleep because Trinity was up all night.)

Wow! This post was really all over the place! Just like my Black Friday!!!

One thing I want to think God for... There is a stomach virus going around where we live. My house has been spared. When we got out of Walmart on Black Friday, I got so sick to my stomach and truly thought I would throw up. I had Steven lay hands on me and pray for me and immediately the sickness left! Praise God! Lord, please spare my house from this virus and any other kind of sickness this winter.

Did any of you go Black Friday shopping?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I don't know about y'all but we had a great Thanksgiving! Food, food, food, and more food! I loved it! We went to my mom and dad's house. It was very different this year because there wasn't as many people. Usually we have so many people at my parent's house that you can't hear yourself think but this year was different. I hope we have a lot of people there for Christmas because it just ain't the same.
I just love this picture because it shows just how Trinity is all the time! Non stop!!!

Trinity was so sleepy that she didn't eat at all. No even one bite. Things like this wear her out.

I actually remembered to get a family picture! I love it!
I am so thankful this year. Thankful for Jesus. Thankful for my husband. Thankful for my baby girl. I'm just thankful for everything!

Lyndsey H. Sneak Peek

Hey all my blog readers! Please go over to my photography blog and check out my latest session!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving At The Jones'.

Yesterday, my in-law's had their Thanksgiving dinner. It was so yummy! There were a lot of people there!

This is Trinity playing with her cousins. They loved looking out the door at all the cats.

I could not get a good picture of Trinity. She wouldn't look at the camera for nothing! Notice the little girl behind Trinity, how that she is looking at the camera and smiling! Yet, Trinity would not! Oh, and to beat it all, I was telling everyone how that I couldn't get any good pictures of Trinity and this guy comes up with his iPhone 4 and says, "Hey Trinity, smile!" Guess what Trinity does? She looks directly at the iPhone and smiles the biggest smile! Guess I need an iPhone 4. (Hint, hint Steven!)

This is my father-in-law with the turkey.

Aren't we the sweetest couple? I didn't get a family picture! I cannot believe that I forgot to take a picture of Steven, me, and Trinity together!
We had a lot of fun and a lot of food!
Bye, bye diet. It's been fun! (Not!)

Our 13 Month Old Little Girl

I know, I know. This post is way late! But... 2 weeks ago,

Trinity turned 13 months! She is getting so big! She is so lively and silly. She has the best personality! I love my baby girl!

She weighs 20.5 lbs.

She is in size 12- 18 month clothing.

She wears size 4 shoes.

She wears size 3 diapers.

She has 8 teeth.

She says all kinds of words. She is getting really good at repeating things. Now were going to really have to watch what we say! She has recently said Jesus.

She is into absolutely everything!

She knows how to kiss and hug now. Too sweet!

This is Trinity at 1 month old.

This is Trinity at 13 months old!

Wow. She has changed a lot!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday - Week 3

I have done awful on my diet this past week. That has been the case since I start this diet! I really wish I could get on here and say that I only ate salads all week, but I can't.

Actually, I take that back. I don't wish that I only ate salads all week because salads can be pretty boring!

I don't have a lot to say this week so I'll just get straight to the point!

Weight Loss This Week: 0.8 lbs.

Total Weight Loss: 1.8 lbs.

Wow! 1.8 lbs in 3 weeks? I'm going to be nothing but skin and bones before you know it! Ha!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trinity's Christmas Dress

Thursday we went Christmas dress shopping for Trinity. I wanted to go to Burlington Coat Factory because they have all kinds of beautiful dress and they are pretty reasonably priced. I was not disappointed! I love, love, love this dress. I think it is so beautiful!

And it even came with a matching doll dress!

This was last year's Christmas dress. I liked it but it wasn't very "Christmasy". I think this year's dress looks beautiful and it looks like Christmas!

And here are her Christmas shoes!
I was going to try and get or make me a Christmas outfit to match hers but I think I would be a little too flashy in sequins! Ha!

Joy Is Coming In The Morning

I have been thinking a lot lately about how blessed I am to be a mother. There is no other joy in the world that is like the joy of motherhood. I know that sounds so cheesy but it's true. I love being a mother.

Steven and I tried for a year to have a baby. I know that's not a long time but it was long enough for me! I wanted a baby so badly. If it would have been up to me, we would have had a baby 9 months after we got married! But I am so very glad it worked out the way it did. I love the time that Steven and I were able to spend together before we had a family. God's timing is always perfect. I have no doubt about that!

I guess in my mind, I thought that we would get pregnant soon. That was not the case.

I am a firm believer that God speaks to His people through other people. So, every time I heard someone preach about hanging on because your blessing is coming and things of that sort, I just knew it was for me and that I would find out that I am expecting like a week later.

I know that that is really silly. But it was how I felt.

Then one night in December 2008, I remember it like it was yesterday, our church had a revival. On the last night, Bro. Bennie Sutherland was supposed to be preaching. He is a great preacher and we were looking forward it hearing him. Something came up at the last minute and he couldn't make it. Our pastor got another preacher to preach. That night, Bro. Jimmy Deckard preached right to me. This time it was different, I knew this preaching was for me. The title of his message was, "Joy is coming in the morning."

I remember that at the alter call, I was able to have a great time of prayer with the Lord. It was joy unspeakable!

The rest of the whole month, the devil fought me like I had never been fought before. I felt such a depression in my life. I was scared and could not shake it. It was the most awful feeling I had ever had in my life.

The devil hates it when he knows that God is up to something good!

I got victory over that feeling about a week before Christmas. Praise Jesus!

Then......On January 26, 2009 we found out we were expecting our first baby! How exciting. I could not get away from that message. JOY IS COMING IN THE MORNING!

I had a wonderful, healthy pregnancy, which I am so grateful for. Steven prayed for me and the baby every single night throughout my pregnancy which I really feel like helped out a lot.

Whew! I don't know where all that came from! I am just so overwhelmingly thankful for Trinity. She is my little silly baby girl! She is so full of life and I love every moment I spend with her. There are times when I just want to shut her up in her room and go hide in a corner and just cry because it seems like I cannot be a good mother and it is just impossible. But... there are those times, which I absolutely love so much, where everything just falls into place and I feel like the greatest mother on earth!

There are times when it is so hard to be a mommy and know what to do. It is overwhelming. But I can do this. This is what God designed me to be and I know He has given me the strength to do it.

Trinity is at an age right now where she is into everything! But she is also learning how to love. She will look at me and make a clicking noise with her mouth and then give me the biggest, sweetest kiss on the nose! And then it is always followed by a big hug around my neck. It makes my heart melt!

I just wanted to share this with you along with a bunch of pictures of my baby girl.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Things To Do When You Are Bored At Work!


Things to do when you are bored at work...

Decorate a deformed peach.

Save the little piggys.


Get a new hair style.

Go on a wild ride.

These picture were all taken on my cell phone when I used to work at a factory. There were time when we had a lot of time on our hands. Can you tell? I guess I was the "class" clown. I worked in the warehouse and drove the fork lift. They started making us wear hard hats and we HATED them! We made fun of them a lot. It was quite funny.
Sometimes I miss the social aspect of having a "job" but I love, love, love being able to stay at home with my baby girl! I wouldn't trade being a stay-at-home mom for anything.
Please feel free to make fun of me! I can't believe I actually put these pictures online! Ha! I love to make fun of myself...seriously... I love a good laugh! (Believe me, this made me laugh!)
*Hope my old boss never sees this post!*