Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday 2010

Steven and I have been Black Friday shoppers since we've been married. We have been every year since we got married. Steven absolutely despises shopping but on Black Friday, he is a pro! He loves it!

I was a little worried this year because Walmart's sale started at midnight instead of 5 am like it normally does. Which meant... I was going to have to leave Trinity over night. I didn't want to do that. But I did. And I cried a little. Okay, I cried a lot. I have never left her to spend the night before.

I quickly got over it when we got to Walmart and there was already 1 hundred million people there. Well, you know what I mean :) There were a lot of things I wanted to get. Most of which were for Trinity, of course!

I stood in line for the Furreal pets walking kitten, and Steven stood in line for the Little Mommy doll. (Can y'all see Steven standing in line for a doll? Ha! He is such a good daddy!) I needed 6 of the walking kittens (for my Sunday School class) so that was going to be a challenge. At first there wasn't many people in line for the kittens but at the end, there were a lot of people wanting them. Everyone was nice and I got all the kittens that I needed. Thank you, Jesus that I didn't get trampled!

We was out of Walmart by about 12:15 am and then at Kmart standing in line in the sleet and rain by 4:30am because they opened at 5 am. We were out of Kmart by 5:10am and headed to Big Lots to stand in line because they opened at 6 am. Then off to the Somerset Mall which was about 15 minutes from Big Lots. We got what we wanted and then got some food and headed home. We were home by 10:00am.

We were both completely wore out! I was in line at Bath and Body works and seriously was falling asleep. I thought I would just fall over and knock down all the pretty candles and lotions. That would have been too bad :)

But, good for me, Trinity hadn't slept the entire night so when we got home, Trinity took a good long nap! And so did Mama! (My mom probably did too cause she didn't get any sleep because Trinity was up all night.)

Wow! This post was really all over the place! Just like my Black Friday!!!

One thing I want to think God for... There is a stomach virus going around where we live. My house has been spared. When we got out of Walmart on Black Friday, I got so sick to my stomach and truly thought I would throw up. I had Steven lay hands on me and pray for me and immediately the sickness left! Praise God! Lord, please spare my house from this virus and any other kind of sickness this winter.

Did any of you go Black Friday shopping?

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