Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday - Week 2

Again I will say it, I. Hate. Diets.

I have been eating out a lot lately and I think I do better when I eat out because I know how many points the food has in it. When I go to my mom's house and she has fried pork chops and mashed potatoes, I have no clue what the points value is for that stuff. I know its completely out of my range!

I don't really have a lot to say this week. I haven't exercised, not even once! I have got to start if I really want to lose weight. Anyways....

Weight loss this week: 1 lbs.

Total weight loss: 1 lbs.

Better than nothing!


  1. That's great Ivy! I'm tellin ya, those pounds are hard to get off so I'll take all the 1 lb losses I can get!

  2. I encourage you to hang in there. I weighed in last year at 205 on October 23rd. Now, I am at 166 today. It doens't seem like a ton of weight loss, but I worked hard and I am happy for those 39 pounds. I am still on my journey. But when I decided that I was making a complete lifestyle change and I was doing it to be healthy not look better and that it was God's desire for us to be healthy then it really pushes me to keep going when I don't lose. Because I am doing it because I feel better and it is healhier for me and my family.

    I use some weight watchers things. The best thing I have done is ate their smart ones meals for a few weeks until I got use to portion sizes and my stomach got use to eating smaller amounts. Yes, It was hard, and sometimes a little costly. But to me it was worth it.

    Godd blessings on your journey.