Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trinity's 2 Year Pictures!

Hey! I just put up a blog post on my photography blog with some pictures from Trinity's 2 year session I done in Hilton Head Island! Click here to see them!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Vacation!

Hey guys! We are back from our vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC! Steven has a friend who has a timeshare there and they said we could use it this year so we did!

We left our house around 5 or 6 pm on Sunday, October 16 and drove straight there. It was a 9 hour drive so I was kinda nervous about how Trinity would do with that long of a ride. She did great! She slept the whole way there! We had to wake her up in North Carolina so we could eat.

You can tell by this picture that she was sleepy! But, after we ate, she went right back to sleep!

We arrived at our condo around 3am and unpacked then went to sleep and slept until 11 am! It was great to be able to sleep in!

Once we woke up and got ready, we headed out to the beach. The weather was perfect!

Trinity absolutely loved the beach! She didn't like the water but she loved the sand. She played in the sand a long time and would just run around chasing the birds!

She had a BLAST!

This was my sand man that I made. I think it kind of looks like I buried Trinity in the sand, don't it?

Tuesday was shopping day! We seriously shopped until we dropped! I didn't take any pictures but I got a ton of cute things for Baby 2!

Wednesday we went out and played mini golf. Steven had played before but I hadn't. We had a blast playing! Although I am NOT good at golf at all.

On the last game we played, our scores were, Trinity -7 (we let her just pick the ball up and put it in the hole), Steven +5, and me +33! Wow! I'm pretty awful at this game!

Something that we thought was really weird about Hilton Head, was that everything looks the same. All the houses and stores look alike. Which made it hard to find a McDonald's. See...

This was the McDonald's. Weird! I'm used to the "Golden Arches"!

Thursday we traveled to Charleston, SC. It's around 2 hours away from Hilton Head. We took a carriage tour through downtown and it was beautiful. This was one of the highlights for Trinity. When some one asks her about vacation, she either says, "I rode horse!" or "Water!"

This was the horse we rode. Trinity was so excited!

We also took a boat tour. This was really fun too!

When we all got on the boat and the tour started, the tour guide started playing the Gilligan's Island theme song. That was a little scary for me! Ha!

Trinity liked the boat ride but she was worn out so she fell asleep.

When we got back to Hilton Head Island, we went straight back to the beach to do Trinity's 2 year pictures. I haven't got those ready yet, so that will be a whole different post :)

Friday morning we woke up really early to go see the sun rise over the ocean. It was beautiful.

The rest of Friday we just kind of flopped around. Ha!

We got up at 4 am on Saturday and headed back home. We got home at 6 pm. We loved our vacation but it's great to be back home! Thank the Lord for a safe and happy trip!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trinity is 2!!

Sunday, our little baby girl turned 2 years old! These 2 years have went by so fast! I cannot believe it.

Saturday night, Steven and I blew up a ton of balloons so we could sneak in her room on Sunday morning and pour them all in her floor so she would wake up to a bunch of balloons in her floor. She loves balloons by the way!
We woke her up and she got back under the covers. But we said, "Look at your floor!" She opened her eyes and looked and this was her expression....

She loved it! Her and her Da Da played with the balloons all day long! (Now I have to clean them all up today!)
After Sunday school, we went back home and I made Trinity's favorite (non sweet) food. PIZZA! And after that, we had some birthday cupcakes.

And the rest of the day we just rested. We were all in need of a nap!
And just for fun...

Here is Trinity the day she was born.
And here she is on her 1st birthday!
My, my how she has changed!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch!

Today, we went to the pumpkin patch with my friends Michelle and Marissa!

I think we chose the perfect day to go. It was so warm and pretty out!

Trinity had so much fun playing with all the things they have to do there.
This is Trinity and Marissa going down the huge slide they have. I think they both went down it at least 20 times! Trinity loves slides and this was the only thing she wanted to do!

They also have a petting zoo. I thought Trinity would be scared of the animals but she wasn't a bit scared of them! She went right up to them and petted them like it was nothing.

We waited to go through the corn maze last. This was a big mistake because we (Michelle and me) were WORN OUT!

They have 3 different mazes for you to go through. A kiddie corn maze, a beginner corn maze, and the big corn maze. We made it through the kiddie maze just fine but I hate to say, the other 2 mazes got us! We spent around 20 minutes in the beginner maze and finally found our way back out, but we came out the beginning of it and not the end!

Then we tried the big corn maze. I timed us and we spent 25 minutes in there and again came out the beginning instead of the end. So we got beat by the corn maze. Oh well! We still had fun trying. Ha!

We went last year and had a blast too! Here is my blog post about it. This just might be a yearly tradition!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trinity's Birthday Party

Saturday was our baby girl's birthday party! She won't be 2 until Sunday, but this was the only Saturday we had free this month (actually probably more like the whole rest of the YEAR!).
The theme I chose was black and white zebra stripe with hot pink and aqua blue. I think it turned out really pretty!

This was Trinity and her cousin, Emma, dancing before the party started! Trinity loves to dance!

Trinity loved opening up her birthday presents! I don't think she quite understood why she had to go through all the trouble of opening them and then she didn't even get to play with them! Ha!

I decided that Trinity needed her own cake again this year. I think you are only supposed to do that on their first birthday, but I think she deserved her own cake this year too!

She got so embarrassed when everyone started singing happy birthday to her. It was funny!

She didn't blow her candles out either. Daddy had to do it for her. I think she thought they were too pretty to blow out!

She dug right in!
I love this picture of our family of 3 1/2! We almost forgot to take a family photo!

I can't believe that 2 years ago today was my due date! Of course, Trinity was late (She wasn't born until the 9th) and I am expecting Baby 2 to be late also.

Trinity had a BLAST at her party! She was so excited when she woke up from her nap to the house being decorated with all her party stuff. And when her little friends came over, she was more than excited! But, I think she liked the getting to eat cake part the best!

Click here to see the blog post from Trinity's 1st birthday party. I seriously cried when I saw it! My baby girl isn't so little any more. But, she is STILL my baby!