Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trinity is 2!!

Sunday, our little baby girl turned 2 years old! These 2 years have went by so fast! I cannot believe it.

Saturday night, Steven and I blew up a ton of balloons so we could sneak in her room on Sunday morning and pour them all in her floor so she would wake up to a bunch of balloons in her floor. She loves balloons by the way!
We woke her up and she got back under the covers. But we said, "Look at your floor!" She opened her eyes and looked and this was her expression....

She loved it! Her and her Da Da played with the balloons all day long! (Now I have to clean them all up today!)
After Sunday school, we went back home and I made Trinity's favorite (non sweet) food. PIZZA! And after that, we had some birthday cupcakes.

And the rest of the day we just rested. We were all in need of a nap!
And just for fun...

Here is Trinity the day she was born.
And here she is on her 1st birthday!
My, my how she has changed!


  1. Happy late Birthday Trinity!:) She is adorable!

  2. Happy birthday, baby girl!! Kari,Malachi and I love you very much!!!