Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nursery Decor For Sale

Hey everyone! I am going to interrupt the usual blog posts to try and sell something :) I have for sell Trinity's nursery bedding and decor! Every. single. bit of it! It's all in great shape. I have every thing you need to decorate a girl's nursery. And it is so cute. I am asking $125 for all of it. That is a really good price for everything to you need to decorate a room with! You would pay that much just for the crib bedding! It also includes the micro fiber changing table pad cover which I don't have a picture of. All of the pictures on this post are mine of the actual things I have for sale except the first one. Here are some pictures...

This is the bedding I have. (This is not my picture. I got it off the manufactures website.) It is JoJo Designs and it comes with the quilt, the bumper pad, the bed skirt, pillow, diaper stacker, toy holder, 2 window valances, and 2 fitted sheets! This is selling right now on for $199.99. It's very good quality!

I love this sign!
This is a clock that I painted and added the ribbon and bow. Too cute!
This is also really cute!
This picture frame holds a 4x6 photo and it can hang on the wall or sit on the dresser.
This is really handy to hold their clothes for the next day!
I love this verse!

This is a Boyd's pig and I added the hair bow.

I covered this lamp shade and I love it!

I hung this on the wall behind the rocking chair.
This is also really cute!
These are the window valences. They are very big and cover really good.
I bought this lamp at Hobby Lobby. It matches perfectly!
This is the decorative pillow
This is a close up of the crib bumper.
This is a close up of the crib skirt.
This is a little sign to hang on a door knob.
This is a really cute picture frame.
I love this cross!
These things look really cute in the room also.
This is a picture of the diaper stacker. It is really handy!

Everything I took pictures of is included! If you or anyone you know is interest in this, please email me at I am willing to ship this if I need to :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oatmeal Whoopie Pies

I have a recipe for you all! A while back I saw this recipe on The Pioneer Woman's website. It looked so good and I don't even like oatmeal cookies. So yesterday, BOTH kiddos were asleep and I thought we might be having some friends over so I baked these. They were so easy and so good! (I have already had 2 for breakfast this morning!) 

 Here are your ingredients (Minus the marshmallow puff)

 Just mix it all up. This is what it looks like all mixed up! (Boy, I'm good at this, ain't I?)

 I had never used parchment paper until I started making sugar cookies about a month ago. It is a life saver! Line your pan with parchment paper.

 Use a cookie scoop (another life saver!) and fill up your pan.

 Bake them...

 This is what they looked like when they came out of the oven.

 This was the first time I had ever used this stuff. It is so good!

 Scoop some in a cookie scoop.

 Put it on one cookie and put another cookie on top.

 Your done!

This recipe was so easy and very, very good! It tastes a lot like the Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies.

Click {HERE} for the recipe.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Titus' Dedication

We had Titus dedicated last Sunday and it just happened (not really!) to be my birthday (25! UGH!)! Titus looked so handsome in his little white outfit! And I also found Trinity a white dress to match! Adorable!

Steven's mom and dad came and so did my mom and dad!

And also my best friend, Michelle and her daughter Marissa!

Thanks, Ashley, for taking the pictures!

This is Titus during his dedication.

This is Trinity when she got dedicated.
Nobody will agree with me, but I think they look like the same baby in these pictures! What do you think?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter 2012

Y'all, we had a great Easter! It all started the day before Easter. We went to Steven's parent's house and colored Easter eggs with Grandaddy!

My Father-in-law took this picture. Now I know where Steven gets his photography skills from! Ha!

Sunday, we woke up at dark o'clock and headed to a sunrise service at church! I had never been to one and it was awesome!


The poor children were freezing!
This was the sunrise. It was cloudy so you couldn't see it very well.
They had a mini prayer line and Trinity loves to be prayed for!

These are a few pictures I took before church started...

Do you guys like my glasses?? I guess I'm getting blind in my old age! Ha!

This was the look on Trinity's face before the kids headed out to hunt Easter eggs! When they said it was time to go outside to hunt for eggs, Trinity ran with all her might and fell flat on her face on the ground! That is so something I would have done!

Isn't this the most handsome little boy you have ever seen!
After church, we went to Steven's parent's house for Easter dinner.

Trinity got to hunt eggs there too!