Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter 2012

Y'all, we had a great Easter! It all started the day before Easter. We went to Steven's parent's house and colored Easter eggs with Grandaddy!

My Father-in-law took this picture. Now I know where Steven gets his photography skills from! Ha!

Sunday, we woke up at dark o'clock and headed to a sunrise service at church! I had never been to one and it was awesome!


The poor children were freezing!
This was the sunrise. It was cloudy so you couldn't see it very well.
They had a mini prayer line and Trinity loves to be prayed for!

These are a few pictures I took before church started...

Do you guys like my glasses?? I guess I'm getting blind in my old age! Ha!

This was the look on Trinity's face before the kids headed out to hunt Easter eggs! When they said it was time to go outside to hunt for eggs, Trinity ran with all her might and fell flat on her face on the ground! That is so something I would have done!

Isn't this the most handsome little boy you have ever seen!
After church, we went to Steven's parent's house for Easter dinner.

Trinity got to hunt eggs there too!