Monday, April 23, 2012

Titus is 2 Months Old!

Hey guys! It's me, Ivy! Do you remember me?? Probably not! Anyways, things have been SUPER busy around here in the Jones house. I am finally getting to post Titus' 2 month post! Yay!

I took Titus to his 2 month check up and he only weighed 9 lbs. 12 oz. So, the doctor was really concerned because I had him to the doctor a couple weeks before and he weighed 9 lbs. and 4 oz. He said he wasn't gaining enough weight. He said that he should be up to his birth weight by now. So I started trying to nurse him all. the. time. I was spending all day long breast feeding him, then pumping, then feeding him what I pumped and he was still hungry. It was very stressful to say the least!

 Finally, Steven and I decided it would be best to just put him on formula since I didn't have enough milk. Titus has completely changed into a different baby. It's unbelievable! He just smiles and laughs all the time now!

I felt totally guilty about giving him formula. I was determined to breast feed him. I tried everything I could but it didn't increase my milk supply. The only thing I didn't try was this prescription that my doctor gave me. It was known to increase your milk supply but it was known to cause really bad depression. I wasn't willing to do that. I felt like a failure. But with the support of my husband and lots of prayer, I got over it. He has already gained around 3 pounds in 2 weeks! 

Titus' umbilical cord fell off! It fell off on March 23. He was almost 7 weeks old when it fell off! This is a picture of his first bath!


  1. Enjoyed the update! (it's about time!) LOL! Cute cute baby!

  2. Finally a update! He's so cute!

  3. How Adorable!!! He is for sure a little Cut-tie!! Love the Pics!!

  4. I understand what you went through. I didn't have enough milk with my oldest daughter either and I had to end up giving her formula at 6 weeks. I look at it this way no matter what they got a good head start. He sure is handsome! Trinity is beautiful!