Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday Night Fun

Yesterday was my nephew, Amos' birthday. To celebrate, his family had a cookout and bon fire. The hamburgers and hot dogs were so yummy. And also the birthday cake!
This is Trinity riding on the tire swing.
Trinity was wore out from all the playing she done!

Trinity's New Hair-Do

How do you like Trinity's new do? I was changing her diaper yesterday and I noticed that her hair has gotten thicker so I wanted to try this out. I think its so cute!

Trinity has been doing a lot of new things lately! She waves bye-bye and hi so pretty now and you can get her to do it almost all the time. Yesterday she even patty-caked with me! She has been mocking me and her daddy a lot too. When I cough, she coughs. When I hit the table, she hits the table. When I blow raspberries, she blows raspberries. Thursday night during church, every time our pastor clapped, she would clap! And this morning at church I would raise my hand to praise the Lord and I looked at her and she was doing it too!
It is so cute to see her mocking people. I really need to watch what I do and say! She is watching my life and I want to be able to lead her straight to Jesus when she is old enough.

Mommy Milestones - My First Carrot Shower

It my effort to try and wean Trinity from her baby bottle, we have been seeing lots of messes around here. The other day while feeding Trinity some yummy carrot baby food, I received my first carrot shower. I had just put a whole spoonful of baby food in her mouth and she sneezed...twice. I had it all over me! I just had to laugh. I just love being a mommy! Here are a few messy pictures!

(I just love this one!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Emma H. Photo Shoot

Tonight, my niece wanted me to do some pictures of her daughter, Emma. I had a blast taking these. I absolutely love to take pictures, especially of children! I hope that I done a good job and that they love the photographs.

Trinity's 1st Kid's Meal.

Today, my sister Marcia and her daughter Hannah, took Trinity and me to Hardee's. When we were ordering, my sister said that she wanted to buy Trinity her first very own kid's meal. I told her that she wouldn't eat it all but she insisted. I said okay. Trinity absolutely loves it! I just tore her cheeseburger up in little pieces and he went to town. I'd say she only ate about 1/4 of her cheeseburger but she had fun anyway!
I am really trying to start gradually weaning Trinity from her bottle. She just loves her bottle so very much. She has only had it once today though. Any advice would really be helpful!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Shopping Date

Yesterday me and Trinity went on a mommy-daughter date! We both love to go shopping and I had earned some Gymbucks to spend at Gymboree so we headed out shopping. Its about an hour and a half drive and I get really nervous driving but I didn't do too bad!

We had a lot of fun! We bought us some shoes and some clothes (Trinity is the only one that got clothes). We ate at Apple bee's. I have been wanting some of their french onion soup for over a year now so I decided that we would eat there. Trinity loved their soup and could not get enough of it!

I am so glad that I have been blessed with a baby that doesn't mind to be gone all day out in the heat, and riding in a car. I believe I have a future shopper on my hands and I don't mind at all. Better watch your wallet, Steven!

Here are some pictures from church last week.

Trinity with my nephew, Zachariah.

Trinity is crawling with her cousins, Hannah and Zachariah.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pictures Of Trinity

These are some pictures of Trinity playing today. She can reach the piano! Can you believe it?!? She is growing up so fast!


Every year, Steven's parents have a huge fireworks show. They are always really good but this year's show was probably the best, in my book anyways. We had a lot of fun and the fireworks were amazing! Here are some pictures...
(My nephew, Hunter)

(My niece, Hannah)

(Trinity with a dirty face!)

Picture With My New Camera Lens