Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Shopping Date

Yesterday me and Trinity went on a mommy-daughter date! We both love to go shopping and I had earned some Gymbucks to spend at Gymboree so we headed out shopping. Its about an hour and a half drive and I get really nervous driving but I didn't do too bad!

We had a lot of fun! We bought us some shoes and some clothes (Trinity is the only one that got clothes). We ate at Apple bee's. I have been wanting some of their french onion soup for over a year now so I decided that we would eat there. Trinity loved their soup and could not get enough of it!

I am so glad that I have been blessed with a baby that doesn't mind to be gone all day out in the heat, and riding in a car. I believe I have a future shopper on my hands and I don't mind at all. Better watch your wallet, Steven!

Here are some pictures from church last week.

Trinity with my nephew, Zachariah.

Trinity is crawling with her cousins, Hannah and Zachariah.

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