Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trinity's 1st Kid's Meal.

Today, my sister Marcia and her daughter Hannah, took Trinity and me to Hardee's. When we were ordering, my sister said that she wanted to buy Trinity her first very own kid's meal. I told her that she wouldn't eat it all but she insisted. I said okay. Trinity absolutely loves it! I just tore her cheeseburger up in little pieces and he went to town. I'd say she only ate about 1/4 of her cheeseburger but she had fun anyway!
I am really trying to start gradually weaning Trinity from her bottle. She just loves her bottle so very much. She has only had it once today though. Any advice would really be helpful!

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  1. Well....with Kari I gave her before one of her naps and then at bedtime. I made her eat baby food and drink from a sippy all the other times. Then after about a month of that I gave it to her only at bedtime. Then after a few weeks of that I took it completely away. It worked for us!!