Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Daddy!

Tuesday was my daddy's birthday! I'll let him tell you what his age is ;). I think he had a pretty good birthday. Who couldn't with a great daughter like me??LOL!

This is Trinity with her 4th of July crown on! (Please excuse
my daughter's coffee and chocolate stained shirt.)

What did I get for my dad for his birthday? Well, I'll tell you this, it beats my sister Kim's (the one that got him the basketball autographed by John Calipari) father's day gift all to pieces!!! I got him a wallet autographed by...ME!!! Ha! He loved it and also said that he was going to put his basketball away so that he could display the autographed wallet I got him! Okay, so he didn't say that but I know he liked his wallet!! Happy birthday Daddy!!!

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