Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun At The Pumpkin Patch!

Last Saturday, me, Trinity, my best friend Michelle, and her daughter Marissa went to Devine's pumpkin patch and corn maze. We had the best time! I really wanted to do something "fallish" with Trinity and Steven was busy so I decided to call my friend Michelle to see if she wanted to do something with us. She found this corn maze and it was so neat! (Sorry about all the pictures of me in this post. I was so excited that I actually got some pictures of me and Trinity. That never happens!)

This was Trinity and me after finishing the hay maze.

This slide was so much fun! It was huge and very steep! When I got in it I was a little scared. I sat down in it backwards and I was going to turn around once I got in it. Well no! I started sliding down it backwards and I got caught in it with the back of my leg! I was sitting there screaming for Marissa to help me! She came and I finally got turned around. I still have a bruise all the way across the back of my leg from that! But it was too fun!

This is Trinity and Michelle petting the cows.

This was a swing they had made out of pipe. It was fun too. Trinity really liked it.

This is us in the kiddie corn maze. They had 3 corn mazes there. They had the kiddie maze, the beginner's maze, and the actual maze. We made it through the kiddie maze just fine. Then we tried the beginner's maze. Well, we NEVER got all the way through it. We kept coming out the entrance of it. I don't know how we managed that?

This was Trinity and me on the hay ride. They have a hay ride that takes you to the pumpkin patch where you can pick a pumpkin to take home with you!

When we finished the hay ride, we decided to do the big corn maze. I said that the beginner's maze was too simple for our smart brains! Ha! We done really good at this maze and made it through in 29 minutes! We were so excited when we exited the maze. We started screaming and dancing! We just had to get pictures! This was Michelle and me. We were too excited! I think it was because we were so hungry. We were scared that we would be stuck in that maze for the rest of our lives!
We had a blast and I really want to go back with Steven.

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  1. Looks like you guys had tons of fun! Love all those pictures! I'm going to try to take Chase to the pumpkin farm on Saturday if it's not too cold.