Monday, October 4, 2010

Ridiculous Baby Gear Recalls

It is crazy! All of these recalls are driving me crazy! I mean seriously, have y'all heard about the Fisher-Price toys? Millions of toys recalled! Do these brand really care about our children? Makes me wonder sometimes.

There is at least one new recall every month. Last month's Similac recall was totally GROSS! I am so glad Trinity doesn't take that formula.

Well, I found out over 2 months ago that Trinity's Jenny Lind crib was recalled. Immediately I went on-line at their website to order the replacement parts to fix the problem. Well, guess when I got the parts? TODAY!! It took them over 2 months to ship me the parts!

That is ridiculous! I mean come on! They care about my baby who could die from falling in between the cracks on her crib? Don't seem like it! They say do not let your child sleep in this crib until you have installed the parts. What are you supposed to do for 2 months until they can find the time to ship you the parts?

I am NOT happy, as you can tell.

Oh! By the way, Trinity has a toy that was on the Fisher-Price toy recall list. It was the 1-2-3 tether ball I got her for Christmas last year. I signed up for the e-mail that they send you for you to print off the shipping label and I received the e-mail 2 days later. It shouldn't take 2 days to send an e-mail.

PLUM RIDICULOUS!!! I'm not happy about this.

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  1. LOL!! My opinion is that they could care less because they have millions of emails and phone calls daily about the recall. ???