Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well, I am finally joining my blogging friend, Jess in her Weight Loss Wednesday posts! I start this diet today! I dieted the beginning of this year and quit during the summer. I have gained 5 pounds since then! Wow! I had lost 20 lbs. but now only 15. It is so hard to diet because I love to eat and HATE to exercise!

But, I have to do this. I felt a lot better when I was dieting. It seemed like I had more energy.

It's really hard to diet when you have a skinny husband who can eat ANYTHING he wants and not gain a single pound! It makes me so mad! I can just smell food and I put on weight! UGH!

I just hate dieting but I really need to do this for me, for my health, and for Trinity. I don't want to be really over weight and have health problems and not be able to play with her.

I know that I will never be "skinny" but I also know that I can be smaller than what I am right now.

I am really wanting some chicken nuggets from good ole McDonald's. I am doing a calorie diet this time and I have no clue how many calories chicken nuggets have. I also just remembered that I am taking my FIL to the doctor tomorrow and we are going to eat at Cracker Barrel! UGH! I will have to stick to my guns and order, like, nothing!

I have 2 weight loss goals. A short term goal and a long term goal. I have to lose 12 pounds to get to my short term goal and I need to lose 37 lbs. to get to my long term goal (which is what I weighed when I got married).

Anyways.... Here we go!


  1. Yay Ivy! I know you can do it! And I wanted to offer you some encouragement. I don't know if you've ever tried weight watchers but I ate both McD's chicken nuggets and cracker barrell while on that diet because it was allowed in my 'points'! Typically you can have around 20-25 points a day and a chicken nugget is considered 1 point. So I would order the 6 piece meal and feel like I was splurging!

    From Cracker Barrell I got either the grilled pork chops or the grilled chicken tenders and then two sides - usually dumplins and green beans or even hash brown casserole! The Chicken Tenders or Pork Chop is only 3 points and the sides are between 1 and 4 points. You can see a whole list of foods and points here:

    There's also a points calculator for when you are eating foods from home here:

    I hope that helps and I've just starved myself to death thinking about all that food! LOL!

    I can't wait to hear how much weight you've lost!!

  2. You are very welcome! I did Weight Watchers before I got pregnant with Chase and had lost 4 or 5 pounds before - SURPRISE - I found out I was pregnant! So that kind of ended that haha. I tried again after he was born but I just wasn't doing good. I'd 'guess' how many points I thought something was knowing it was probably more but really wanting to eat whatever I was eyeing haha! So that's why I'm not doing it now. I really want a chicken nugget now LOL!

  3. What a fun idea... I may have to jump on this bandwagon here after we move. I would love to drop a few pounds. Good luck Ivy! You can do it!!

    p.s. I did the calorie counting thing a few years ago and it worked so well for me. I'd suggest getting a little purse sized calorie counting book. Mine was called Calorie King ( It was a huge help to me... it has a whole section devoted to fast food so you can stick as close to your goals as possible.