Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Titus Isaiah

I figured it was about time to tell you all what we are planning on naming our baby boy! Any guesses??

Right before we found out the gender of this baby, we went to a church to hear Bro. Lloyd Shuecraft (spelling??) preach since he was in the area and we had heard great things about him but had never heard him (in person) before. It was almost time for him to preach when they asked his son to testify. As soon as I heard his name, Titus, something clicked. I loved it so much I almost started crying! I know that sounds crazy, but it was the truth! I blame it on being pregnant!

Anyway, I just knew Steven would hate that name and thats as far as it would get. I mentioned it to him on the way home and guess what, he loved it! I was so happy!

Also, we chose Isaiah as the middle name. This is the name we had picked out for a boy when I was pregnant with Trinity.

We love our little boy's name! Can't wait to meet him in January (or February)!

I finally remembered to take pictures of Trinity and Titus' room tonight!

Here is his crib. I am looking for something to go above it. Any suggestions?? Also, the pink clock will be gone as soon as I find one I like to replace it.

Here is the changing table. I just noticed that I had part of my finger over the lens when I took this picture! Some photographer! Ha!

Here is Trinity's part of the room. Her bed isn't made because she is actually in it! Ha! I plan on getting my mom to cover the rocking chair cushions with some type of brown or tan fabric.

I can't wait until I can get everything ready for Titus. I am hoping to get it all ready soon so I can just relax in January!


  1. Can't wait for baby boy!!


  2. Having a boy is going to be a blast. But get your running shoes on because BOY are you gonna be busy ;).

  3. I think Titus is a great name. Of course, I'm a little partial.

    Titus Luke's Mommy,
    Amy Parker