Monday, June 14, 2010

Trinity's First Festival

Saturday, Trinity and I went to the Great American Brass Band Festival. First we went to the parade and then later that night we went to hear the bands play. Well, Lacey went to hear the bands play and I went to eat the good, greasy festival food! Trinity loved it! For some reason, all my pictures on this post are in the wrong order so the pictures from the parade are on the bottom and the pictures from the night are on the top. I could have moved them but it would have been a lot of work! Hope you like the pictures!

This is Ashley and Kari.

This is Trinity and Malachi holding hands!

This is Lacey and Ashley.

This is Trinity and me.

This is Malachi

This is Kari.

This is Trinity and Kari.

My beautiful little girl!

This is Trinity at Zaxby's for lunch.

She really liked the fried dill pickles!

This is Trinity playing with her balloon.

This is me and Trinity at the parade.

This is Trinity in her stroller getting ready to go to her first parade!

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  1. I like this post!! You could have excluded the pics of me though....:) Of course I do put lots of pics of you on mine so I guess I can't complain!! LOL!
    I had so much fun Saturday! I can't wait until the Apple Festival in August so we can get some LOADED ribbon taters!! Ha Ha!!