Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trinity's First Dentist Appointment

This morning at 9:30 Trinity had her first dentist appointment! The staff at the dentist's office were so nice! (Thanks Ashlee for the recommendation!) They got us in and out very quick! They thought she was the cutest little thing walking in there carrying her little purse!

Trinity has 8 teeth and the dentist said that they look perfect! He said that I was doing all the right things like brushing her teeth at night, which made me feel good! They were very surprised that she doesn't take a pacifier anymore and she doesn't suck her thumb. They were also surprised that she only has one bottle a day (in the morning). They said that those were really good things. All they done was brush her teeth and then brush them with fluoride.

They did say that she has a flap of skin in between her two front teeth that wasn't supposed to be there. He said that she would probably grow out of it but if she didn't then they would have to clip it when she gets her permanent teeth in.

She done great at her first visit and she has to go back in 6 months. Hopefully she does good at that appointment too!

This is Trinity in the car before we left.
This is Trinity in the waiting room.
This is Trinity in the room before the Dentist came in.

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  1. I love Dr. Jeff and all the nurses! Great choice. They will love Trinity!