Monday, September 13, 2010

Our 11 Month Old Little Girl

Thursday Trinity turned 11 months! I just can't believe it! She has learned so many new things this month. It's so hard to believe that next month she will be 1!

* She has 7 teeth. 4 on top and 3 on the bottom.

*She still sleeps through the night.

*She has taken her first step but isn't walking yet.
*She has only one bottle a day and that is in the morning when she first wakes up.
*Friday was the last time she has had her pacifier.
*She loves to eat sweets.
*She is in size 6-9 month clothes and wears size 2 or 3 in shoes.
*She wears size 3 diapers.
*She loves to mock what people do.
*Her hair is finally growing a lot. I can't wait until I can curl it!
Here are some stories of things that she has done recently...
One day I was brushing her hair. She loves to play with her hair brush so I gave it to her when I was finished. She got the brush and started brushing her own hair!
She hates for her face to be wiped. One day I was wiping her face off and she got mad at me and grabbed the wipe and wiped my face with it!
Here in the last week we have noticed that she calls me "I EE" (Ivy) instead of mommy!
She will pick up her toy cell phone and hold it up to her ear and say hi.
I have pictures of her hanging on the wall in our hall and she loves to wave at them. I always say, "Aww... those are pretty babies." One day, I said, "Trinity, where are the babies?" Well, she looked up and waved at her picture on the wall. She learns a lot more than I think.

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