Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Valentine's Day 2011

Did y'all have a good Valentine's day? I sure did! I love Valentine's day!

Our Valentine's day celebrations started on Friday night. Some of the couples from our church decided to meet up on Friday night and go out to eat. We had planned on going to Guthrey's in Burnside. Well, one of the couples couldn't go all the way to Burnside so we decided to go to Pizza Hut or the Bread of Life Cafe in Liberty, Ky. That didn't go over either! So finally we were going to go to O'Charley's in Danville, KY. That was the plan until we got there and found out it would be an hour and a half wait! (We tried to make reservations but they don't do reservations on the weekend. Does that make any sense???) So... we ended up eating at Guadalajara in Danville.

Whew! We had a fun time. There were 8 adults and 3 kids. I forgot to put my memory card back into my camera so I didn't get to take any pictures. I was SO sad! I'm lost without my camera!

Saturday my best friend, Michelle, her daughter Marissa, Trinity, and I went to Lexington to go shopping! I loved it! We had a blast. Michelle ain't used to shopping like I do so I wore her out! I think I even wore Marissa out.

This is Michelle and Marissa at Applebee's.

This is Trinity and me at Applebee's. I think Trinity was looking for her food!

Now on to Valentine's day....

This was our Valentine's day picture last year. Wook how whittle Twinity was! (That is actually how I sound when I talk about Trinity being little! Ha!)

Steven let me go to the salon and get my hair shampooed, conditioned, and dried on Valentine's day. I had only had it done once before, probably 8 years ago! I loved it! I want to have it done once a week, but at $28.00 a pop, it will probably be the last! 28.00 to have your hair washed? Wow!

They used a CHI flat iron on my hair and I loved how it made my hair look! I so want one!

Okay! Wow! I am random today...

I took Trinity to the Dollar Tree to buy her Daddy something special for Valentine's day. I told her that we would buy whatever she picked out.

She got him a Valentine's day balloon, a tube of toothpaste, a little figurine of a boy holding a snail, and a bath pouf! It was so funny to watch him open his special gift. He "loved" all his gifts!

This was the card she picked out.

Daddy's special Valentine's day gifts!

(Notice how Trinity has her Daddy's balloon! Ha!)

Steven took us to Cracker Barrel for our Valentine's date. I love, love, love Cracker Barrel! So yummy!

This was our family picture for this Valentine's day.

Here are our Valentine's gifts.

This is Trinity opening her card.

She got Little Golden Books!

I think she likes them!

My favorite... chocolate!

Steven got some candy and a pair of sunglasses. (Not a normal Valentine's gift, but he needed a pair.)
We had a great Valentine's day! How was yours?


  1. That is so cool about the hair washing!! Latasha has a Chi and I want one so bad. Somehow, Matthew doesn't justify $120 for a hair straightener. LOL! Maybe one of these days!
    Looks like you all had a great Valentine's Day! Love ya!