Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Zoo!

On June the 8th, we went to the Louisville Zoo!

Steven had to go to Indiana for work and we wanted to go to Bro. Jimmy Deckard's youth rally that night so we decided to go to the zoo in between!

Titus loved it!

But not as much as Trinity did!

She absolutely loves animals!

Steven was really pondering something here!

The giraffes were by far Trinity's favorite animal there.

They were HUGE!

I had never seen an eagle in real life before. I didn't know they were this big!

Now... it's about time to go to the aquarium!


  1. My kids really want to go to the zoo. Titus wasn't even walking yet the last time we went. Poor Amelia has never been. I keep waiting for the perfect day and temperature. Glad you enjoyed it. I have always loved Louisville zoo better than knoxville. I would like to try Cincinnati zoo next.

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast!! My kids are fascinated by animals as well...We can hardly wait to get to go back to the zoo!! We normally go twice a year! ha! Jay likes going back to see see his kin-folk! Ha!

  3. I love Trinity's smiles in all these pics! So cute. I'm waiting until fall to take the kiddos. Too much heat for this mama!

  4. Are you still blogging? I am tired of looking and never finding nothing new! :(