Monday, July 18, 2011

12 Weeks

Well, I had completely forgot that I had turned 12 weeks pregnant Saturday. (I remembered Saturday, but forgot to mention it in my previous blog post until Jess said that it was about time for another bump photo!)

Well, I wish I could say that, in this photo, I am actually like 35 weeks, but sadly, I am only 12. I honestly already look like I am ready to pop! I am embarrassed by this, but there is nothing I can do about it now :( Might as well post a picture, right?

Here it is...

I had my 2nd OB appointment last Monday. It went great! I had lost 2 lbs.! (Not good for a normal person, but great for someone that is overweight.)

My doctor said that she wasn't for sure that she would be able to hear the heart beat this early with the doppler, but I wanted her to try anyway. It took her a bit, but she found it! It was awesome! I always love to hear it. I am going to try and record it with my phone one time and post it to my blog.

Trinity was with us so she got to hear it. She didn't pay much attention to it. She has been with us to both appointments and the ultrasound and she done great all 3 times! We plan on taking her with us through the whole pregnancy.

My next appointment is August 8, and then at my appointment after that, I should be able to find out if Baby 2 is a boy or a girl. What do you think? I am going to try and put up some kind of poll on here. I think that will be neat.

Also, we plan on having a gender reveal party! A gender reveal party goes like this. After you find out the baby's gender, you don't tell ANYONE and invite people to the gender reveal party to find out all at the same time. I think we are going to fill cupcakes with either pink or blue icing and let everyone take a bite at the same time. I think I might fill my sister, Marcia's, cupcake with white icing because I know how she is! She hates surprises so she will be trying to peek!

The "proper" way to do a gender reveal party is to have the gender ultrasound and tell the ultrasound tech to not tell you what you are having. Instead, they write it on a piece of paper, you take that paper to a bakery, and they die a cake either pink or blue and cover it with icing. Then at the party, you and your husband slices the cake and then everyone finds out at the same time. We don't want to do it this way because then we couldn't watch the ultrasound. Anyways, it will be fun!

I don't know why, but I am having a hard time remembering that I am pregnant. Maybe it's where I have Trinity and she keeps me busy. Maybe it's where I am having no symptoms at all. I don't know. It just doesn't seem real. I'm sure it will once I start to feel the baby move. I can't wait!

That is all the pregnancy updates I can think of for now! See ya later!


  1. Yay! Thanks for posting! Everyone always says you pop out way quicker with the second pregnancy because your belly has already been stretched out once with the first pregnancy. So I wouldn't feel embarassed at all! Just enjoy it :)

    Mom and I were walking by the Motherhood Maternity store in the mall over the weekend and I looked over and said, "Shewww, one thing I loved about being pregnant was how easy it was to pick out an outfit!" I'm super self conscious about my stomach and when I was pregnant, it didn't matter if my belly looked big in a shirt- it was supposed to! LOL

    I think a gender reveal party sounds like a ton of fun! There's no way I could let the bakery know before I knew either. But I think it's such a cute way to let everyone else know!

  2. Hannah said to fill mine with blue and pink icing! Gee thanks y'all for the confidence in me! LoL I think i will take Kim's cupcake instead!!

  3. I think you should put both pink and blue in Marcia's! LOL

  4. How neat!! I'm glad you posted so I can get caught up!! The gender reveal party sounds awesome!

    Love and miss you,