Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Random Blog Post!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Here we go with yet another random blog post!

This was Trinity "helping" her daddy.

Here are the before and after pictures of Trinity and Baby 2's room.






While I was putting Trinity's new sheets on her bed, Trinity was being really quite.

Here is what I found her doing...

She was having a BLAST!

Here is Trinity before she went to sleep in her big girl bed for the first time. Don't she look so grown up?

Here she is sleeping in her big girl bed for the first time.

This is Trinity swinging at the park right before the parade!

This is Trinity watching the parade.

Trinity and Daddy watching the greased pig contest!

And last but not least, this is a birthday cake that I made for my Dad's birthday.

Look forward to more random posts to come!


  1. Oh my word! Trinity looks like she has grown so much since the last pictures you posted! I can't believe how grown up she looks! Maybe it's that big girl bed :)

    We need a new 'bump' picture, please!! :)

  2. I love the pic of Trinity in the flour. So funny! Also, that birthday cake is so neat looking! Love it!

  3. Ummm...that last comment was from me, Ashley. :)

  4. You are an excellent photograher, Ivy. Thanks for keeping us posted.