Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Post About Trinity

Before I get started with this post I wanted to do about Trinity, I just wanted to give an update on the pregnancy. Only 5 more days until my due date! However, I went to the doctor yesterday for my weekly checkup and nothing has changed from last week :-( . I am still only dilated a fingertip and the baby is still very high. So it looks like he is going to be fashionably late just like Trinity. Oh well!

Now on to Trinity. I wanted to write a post about her since she is soon (hopefully:-) ) not going to be an only child anymore. I can't think about it because it makes me want to cry. I don't know why. Sometimes I feel like having another baby is going to be bad for her and I feel guilty because she isn't going to be an only child. I know that sounds crazy. She is so excited about becoming a big sister even though she doesn't completely understand what that means.

Every time someone talks about Baby Titus, her eyes light up and she gets so excited. She talks all the time about rocking him to sleep and giving him his pacifier and singing, "Go To Sleep" to him.

I think she is going to be very picky with him. I don't think she is going to want anyone touching him or doing anything for him except her. I know she is going to be very bossy!

She has been to every one of my doctor's appointments with me and she loves hearing his heartbeat. One day I asked her, "Trinity, what does Titus' heartbeat say?" And she said, "Beat, beat, beat." Then I said, "Where is your heart at?" And she pointed to her chest. I was very proud! So at my doctor's appointment that day, I asked her the same questions so my doctor could see how smart Trinity was. She got the beat, beat part correct, but when I asked her about where her heart was, she pointed to her mouth! I thought is was so funny! That's just like a kid!

She loves to act like she is my doctor. She will take her toy stethoscope and put it on my belly and listen. Then she will push and push on my belly and listen some more. Then she will take her play baby powder and baby bottles and "mix" up some kind of concoction and rub it all over my belly and then push on my belly and listen some more. I think its hilarious!

Trinity is getting very good at helping me out around the house. Yesterday she put the clothes from the dryer into the laundry basket and then put the clothes from the washer into the dryer. She also unloaded the whole dishwasher (minus a few pieces)! She loves to do it so I will for sure let her!

We were at my mom's house yesterday and Trinity was sitting in her little rocking chair eating some ice cream. All of a sudden she starts crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "A snake! A snake!" I went over there and looked and there was a little earth worm in the floor about an inch long! She thought it was a snake! Too funny!

Well that's all the stories I'm going to write to y'all tonight. I know its probably boring to you guys but its stuff I really don't want to forget! Also, I couldn't do a post without pictures! Hope you like them!


  1. That last picture of her in the carseat has cracked me up! That is totally something Chase would do haha!

    Can't wait to meet Mr. Titus!

  2. Your stories are never boring! Would have loved to see a pic. of Trinity crying over the worm! Can't wait for Titus to get here. I think You need to walk a lot jog a little and come clean my house to help you along!
    lol j/k (sorta)

  3. Trinity will be a great big sister! Can't wait for that baby to get here. Hopefully it's this weekend!

  4. She is so ADORABLE!!!
    Can't wait to meet baby Titus!

  5. Anytime you want, I can tell you all about being the big sister to a baby brother. I remember all of it. I was 2 1/2 - pretty close to Trinity's age. If you want me to call you to talk, let me know.
    Aunt Kathi

  6. Ivy,
    I wrote up some of my favorite parts about being a big sister on my blog. You can see it at http://mydailyadventure-kathi.blogspot.com/ Love you, Aunt Kathi

  7. Hey girl please let me know when baby titas comes !