Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Still Pregnant...

I'm sure I have people stalking my blog, just waiting for me to announce that our baby boy has been born. Ha! Probably not! But, if there is anyone reading, we are still pregnant!

I went to the doctor yesterday and everything is still the same. Baby is still very high (I had thought for sure that he had dropped) and I'm still only dilated a finger tip.

She doesn't want to induce me just yet, which is fine with me. I'd rather not be induced if I don't have to be. I'm feeling pretty good, just getting impatient! My next appointment is Monday.

I was induced with Trinity 3 days after my due date, but that was because her heart rate kept on going up and down. I am very thankful that there is no problem or reason to be induced right now.

Since I am past my due date, I had to go for a non stress test at the hospital after my appointment yesterday, to make sure that Titus' heart rate was good and stable.

It was so strange walking back to labor and delivery! Steven, Trinity, and I walked back there and Steven said, "The last time I walked back here, I wasn't holding this little girl!"

As soon was we got there, 2 of my nurses from when I had Trinity greeted me. They remembered me! Probably because I was in the hospital for, like, EVER! Ha!

They hooked me up to read Titus' heart beat (it was great) and to see if I was having any contractions. Well, what do ya know, I started having regular contractions while I was there! The nurse walked into the room and said, "Did you know you just had a contraction?" It was funny! Titus likes to play games with me because as soon as we left the hospital, the contractions stopped.

I love the hospital I am going to deliver at. The nurses are so nice! As soon as the nurse got me hooked up, she brought Trinity a coloring book about becoming a sibling and some crayons. Trinity took right up with the nurse and she just sat there and colored the whole time.

As soon as the nurse left the room, Steven hopped into the massage chair! I don't know why he plays with it because he complains the whole time he sits in it that it hurts. Ha! He is to funny. He done the same thing when I was in labor with Trinity. I think at one point, he even tore it up somehow. I guess it gives him something to do.

Anyway, I an trying to keep myself busy, which isn't hard with a 2 year old! I have had an awesome spurt of energy the last couple of weeks, which has really helped me keep my house clean. I don't think it has ever been this clean!

Well, I will quit rambling now! Hoping Titus decides to come soon! Oh! Anyone got any suggestions as to how to get Titus to hurry up???


  1. I'm a stalker! LOL! Well I was hoping that Titus would come on his due date a.k.a. my birthday! Hoping he decides to make his grand entrance soon! Praying for you all :)

  2. WALK,WALK,and Walk some more,without stopping!!!! That's what I done with LaDessa! IT WORKS! I am getting excited!! Praying all will go well! Love ya!

  3. Yea girlly ! And keep me posted I can't wait. Pray for my ill man we're at uk with RSV virus he is really sick.