Friday, February 17, 2012

A Whole Bunch of Pictures!

I know y'all probably think that I died or something after having the baby! I didn't! We are still around, we are just trying to get adjusted to having a new baby! It's been a lot harder than what I expected to say the least! But, we're getting the hang of things. (That is until Tuesday when Steven goes back to work and throws everything off again!)

I thought that I would just blog a bunch of pictures for now. I will more than likely be posting random posts every now and then for the sake of actually remembering the things we have been doing!

This was Steven's first time holding Titus.

This was Titus after his bath in the hospital. Look at those cheeks! I could eat 'em up!

Our first family photo.

One proud Granddaddy!

One proud Granny!

One proud Mamaw!

One proud Momma!

And one proud big sis!

Oh! And one proud Papaw!

He looks like a 3 month old in this picture! This is what he wore going home.

This is us right before we left the hospital.

Trinity looks like a crazy woman in this picture! Ha! This is right after we got home and Steven had went and got Trinity from my mom and dad's house. She was very excited to be home and see Titus!

Titus had jaundice really bad so he had to be under this light for a week! I hated it, but the other option was us staying in the hospital and him being under the light there. I am so thankful his jaundice levels finally went down and we didn't have to end up back in the hospital! Praise the Lord!

Well, that's all for now!


  1. How cute !!!!!!!! Micah can't wait to be his lil buddy ! I am worried the outfit I got him isn't going to fit by the time I get it to you. lol he looks full grown in those pics ! He is a doll.

  2. AWWWW! I love all the pics! He is precious!!!!!
    ~ Lacey

  3. Precious Titus!! We love him!