Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet Ally...

Trinity now has a favorite toy! Meet ally...

She is a very friendly alligator that we bought for Trinity when we were in Alabama. Trinity instantly fell in love with her!

She carries her around everywhere.

And when we pray at night, I say, "... And thank you Lord for Mommy, Daddy, Dottie, and..." and then Trinity will say, "Owl?" (Her way of saying Ally) And if Trinity doesn't have Ally, she will get up right then and there and go find her. Then she comes and gets back in my lap and we finish our prayer. It is so funny!

She loves her Ally!

She sleeps with her every night.

In other news... Trinity just cut her sharp, pointy bottom tooth on her left side (I don't know the proper name for that tooth. Obviously!). I noticed that there was a huge gap between that tooth and the front tooth that was supposed to be right next to it. Well, yesterday I noticed that she has an extra tooth coming in on the bottom in that gap! Instead of having 4 teeth in-between her 2 bottom pointy teeth (???), she is going to have 5! Weird, I know! So now she has a dentist appointment for Monday. Anyone ever heard of this? If so, what happened?

I know y'all have probably been wondering where i've been. Well, I have been crazy busy, but nothing really blog worthy has happened. So I haven't been blogging except on my photography blog.

I am doing a 30 day photo challenge through the blog, Blessed Beyond Words. It has been a lot of fun. So go over to my photography blog and check out my daily photo for the month of April!

Totally off subject here (Okay, so this whole post has been totally off subject!)... Our annual anniversary meeting at our church starts this Thursday night at 7:30 if anyone wants to come! If you can't come then just pray for us. It's going to be Thursday at 7:30, Friday at 7:30, and Saturday morning at 10:00. We would live for y'all to come!

Well, that's all from me right now.

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  1. That is so cute about Ally! I love it when kids have little stuffies that they carry around!