Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Mother/Daughter Date!

Saturday, Trinity and I had a mother/daughter date! I got a flyer from Lifeway Christian Book Store that they were having a Kid's day and I thought it would be neat to take Trinity. I also wanted to take Trinity to Chuck E. Cheese's to let her play.

We got to Lifeway around 12:55 and the kid's day ended at 1:00. They left all the stuff up for a long time after we got there so we were able to do everything we wanted! Trinity had just woken up so she really wasn't into doing anything. As you can tell by these pictures...

This is her playing with the play doh.

After we left there, we went to Gordman's and we didn't find anything except a giant gummy bear for Daddy. (He loves gummy bears!)

Then we went to Chuck E. Cheese's. It was packed out!

This was Trinity keeping her eye on Chuck E. Cheese. She really didn't trust him! Ha!

I do not want to go back by myself though because it is far too stressful trying to keep up with Trinity with all those kids running around!

She had a blast though! I am so glad I took her!

When we left Chuck E. Cheese's, we went to Burlington Coat Factory. I was trying to find Trinity some church dresses, but I couldn't find any I liked. Anyways, they have some of their Christmas dresses out and it looks like all they have done is just put sweaters with all their Easter dresses and now they call them Christmas dresses.

We went to the mall after that and just looked around. We got a cupcake to share and it was YUMMY!

It's kind of smashed because Trinity dumped it upside down.

She loved every bite!

After we got our cupcake ate, we went to the play area and I let Trinity play. She had a GREAT time! I had to drag her out of this tunnel so we could leave!

We had a good time. We wish Daddy could have been with us but he was preaching at the jail that night. He has never been to Chuck E. Cheese's so we will have to take him!

I think we need to go on more mother/daughter dates!!!

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