Monday, August 8, 2011

Trinity's New House

Saturday we went to a yard sale and I finally found Trinity a play house for outside. It isn't in the best shape but for $15, she loves it!

Come into my house!

I tried to get in there with her and she would NOT have it!

Also, please excuse her dirty face!

And her mismatched outfit! Ha!

She is getting a nice little collection of backyard toys. I bought all of these toys at yard sale except her little car and I bought it at a consignment sale. I just figured up what I've spent on all these toys and it's a measly $72! That's less than what I would have paid for the play house new.

In other news.. I go for my 3rd OB appointment today. I always love these. I can't wait to hear Baby 2's heart beat!


  1. Way to go Ivy!! That is awesome! We bought a used playhouse and spent $50 on that alone! Never mind all the other toys. I need to practice the art of yard saling! Go thrifty mama.

  2. Way to score!! Don't you love consignment sales?

  3. Gammy and Pappy have a whole play yard full of yard sale stuff. That's the only way to go! Love it.