Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Gender Reveal Party!

Friday was our gender reveal party! I was really nervous about it because I didn't want people just sitting around thinking, "Okay... This is silly." But I think everyone had fun! I know I did!
I didn't do a whole lot of decorating. I only decorated the dessert table. And it was nothing fancy either...

But I thought it was cute. I was stressing to make sure that there were blue and pink things and that everything was equal because I knew someone would notice if I had one more pink thing or one more blue thing.
I made chocolate covered Oreos. They were so cute! Everyone thought that the surprise color was in these, but it wasn't!

I also made funfetti cake balls. They were so good!

I had people to write down what they think we should name our baby. This was very fun!

Here is my fabulous Mother and Father-in-law! They were on "Team Blue"!

It was funny because everyone thought we were having a boy because Steven had on blue. But, he also had on pink so we confused everyone! HA!
We put on the invitations for the guests to wear pink or blue to cast their vote on if they think we are having a boy or girl.

This is TEAM BLUE!

This is TEAM PINK!
The final score was 12 to 11. Team blue won by 1 vote!

Here is cute little Trinity with her Oreo sucker. She had been wanting one since she saw me making them. She finally got one and loved it!

(I wore black and white. Very neutral colors!)

Trinity and Malachi wanted Ashlee to take a picture of them just like she was taking a picture of us! Too funny!

Our family of three! (But not for too much longer!)

And now for the BIG REVEAL!!!!

There was blue icing in the middle of the cupcakes which means we are having a baby BOY!!!! We are too excited!
It was so hard keeping it a secret after finding out on Thursday. It was only one day but I couldn't imagine trying to keep it a secret any longer!


  1. Your party was SO cute! I love the idea of a gender reveal party. I actually thought about having one - for about one second. We was too excited to keep it a secret for any amount of time! Lol. Maybe next time around. ;-) Congratulations once again on a precious baby boy! I'm so excited for y'all!

  2. The party was way to much fun! You did a great job with everything as usual! Now who in the world would notice if u had more pink or blue decorations? LoL Congratulations to all 3 of you!

  3. What a fun party Ivy!! I love that you had everyone wear pink or blue. So many great ideas. Congrats again on your baby boy. Can't wait to e-meet him!

  4. That looks like SOO much fun!! If we ever have the opportunity to, I am definitely throwing one of these!! You've convinced me! Awesome job!

    Oh, and how do you get your cake balls so smooth? Mine always turn out a little rough around the edges :).

  5. It was lots of fun!!!!


  6. That is so cute ! I'm seriously wanting to do that for my second one ! I wish I could of come !