Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well guys, I have been busy! With this and that and sewing and throwing a gender reveal party and planning a birthday party, I have not had much time to blog. I could blog while Trinity takes her nap during the day, but I am usually taking a nap too! I have heard that once you have 2 children, it is very rare that they both take a nap at the same time. So I am getting all the sleep I can now!

Even with all this "busyness", there really hasn't been very much going on. So I'll just recap the last few weeks...

I have finally started taking weekly pictures.

Trinity sometimes likes to be in the picture! See her in the bottom right?

I will be 23 weeks Sunday! This pregnancy went by very fast before we found out the gender, now it is dragging by! I just can't wait see this little boy growing inside me! Things have been going great with my pregnancy. I have been having this awful hip pain. It is bad. I don't remember having it with Trinity. Maybe it's a second pregnancy thing. Also, the past 2 days, my belly button and my stomach right above my belly button has been really sore.

This little guy moves CONSTANTLY! It really has me worried about how he is going to be after he is born. Ha! He NEVER sleeps I don't think.

Steven still hasn't felt him move yet. Steven really doesn't have much patience with things like this though.

We have a name picked out, but that will be a whole nother post. But, at the rate I am blogging, it will probably be after he is born!

Trinity's birthday party is tomorrow (today??)! She will be 2 and I cannot believe it! She is the most beautiful little girl ever! She is so smart too! She talks nonstop at home!

Here are some things about Trinity...

She is doing really good with potty training and I am so glad!

She counted to 6 tonight! I didn't even know she could do that.

She loves to talk on her play phones. When I ask her who she is talking to, she always says either Marcia (Aunt Marcia) or Drea (Aunt Andrea).

Tonight, she was looking through the Lifeway Christian Store catalog and she was pointing to things saying, "I want this. I want this. I want this." Then she pointed to my cell phone and said, "Call Marcia!" I think she is beginning to notice who gets things for her. Ha!

She loves baby dolls! She has a ton and plays with them all. day. long! I love it!

She also loves animals.

I have noticed lately that Trinity sings all the time at home. I never can understand what she is singing but it is too cute!

She loves to pray. She now wants to pray over everything she eats. Which is good! She also wants to pray before she takes a nap. We have always prayed before bedtime.

Trinity loves to sleep! When she gets sleepy, usually she will come and grab my hand and say, "Mommy, bed. Mommy, bed." I am not complaining!

Here is a picture I took of her this morning with her blanket that her great aunt Kathi just made for her.
She loves this blanket. She had to take it with her to church last night and she was showing everyone and saying, "Mine!"

This is the last thing I want to mention on this very random blog post. I read this post the other day about blog safety and I think it would be awesome if all you would read it too. I think it would help us all out! Click here to read it. It really opened my eyes about posting pictures online.

Well, I think that is all for now! Thanks for being awesome blog readers!!!

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  1. You look great Ivy! And Trinity is such a doll. Wish her a happy birthday for me!