Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!!

I cannot believe that tomorrow is the big day! The day we have our ultrasound! I am beyond excited to see this tiny baby growing inside me! I want you all to pray that everything with be fine and healthy with me and the baby.

I am also excited to (hopefully) find out if we are having a girl or a boy. According to the poll I put on here, you all think I am having a boy. We will see...

I had a dream Monday night that I was in labor and when I had the baby, it was a girl! She was the sweetest little thing with hair about an inch long and it was light brown. So sweet! When I woke up, I was mad because I didn't actually already have my baby here! Ha!

But... Last night, I had a dream that we went to our ultrasound tomorrow and the baby was clearly a BOY! Which was great too! I am seriously hoping that my dreams don't mean that they are going to tell me that I am having a boy, but when I have the baby, it will be a girl. I would love to have another girl, but I would rather not have everything ready for a boy and then, SURPRISE! It's a girl, or the other way around.

This pregnancy has seriously gone by SO fast! I can't believe that Sunday, I will be half way through.

This is me at 19 weeks.

This is me at 18 weeks. (please excuse all the mess!)

This week, I have been busy getting ready for this...

I made these cupcake toppers...

And I colored these Hershey bar wrappers last night...

I think they look too cute! The colors for the party are royal blue and hot pink. I still have a ways to go as far as making the decorations. Tomorrow I plan on making the cake pops and the chocolate covered Oreos before I go to my appointment. It is at 4:00 and I have to keep myself busy or tomorrow is going to drag by!

We are not telling anyone the gender until the party Friday. This has made some people upset. So much so, that I have heard rumors of people breaking into my house while I am making the cupcakes (The cupcakes are going to have either pink or blue icing in the middle with frosting on top and that is how the people at the party are going to find out the gender) to see what color icing I am putting in the middle. I have also heard that people are even going to go through my trash to see if they can find any left over pink or blue icing. I will warn you, Steven is going to be home all day Friday to help me with the party and he will NOT let anyone break in the house or go through my trash! HA!

I really think this party is going to be fun!

In other news...

We are potty training Trinity! She is doing so good! I can honestly say that when I started potty training her 2 weeks ago, I was STRESSED OUT, to say the least! I had to pray and ask God for patience and He answered my prayer! Now that I am not stressed out, Trinity is doing so much better. We just quit diapers cold turkey, so she hasn't had one on in 2 weeks and 1 day! She goes in the potty a lot more than she goes in the floor. She doesn't go at night or during naps and she has had many days now where she hasn't had an accident all day! (But, she has had 3 accidents today :( All of which were my fault because I wasn't watching her close enough)

I wanted to just post some random pictures here, so here you go...

It has been raining a TON here this week. UGH! I know we need the rain but it makes for very gloomy days.

This has been a random post so I'll stop now. Keep a watch on my blog Friday night! I will try and post to let you all know if there will be a son or a daughter joining our family in January!!!


  1. This gender party sounds like loads of fun. I did something a little similar for my sister. She had 2 girls and was prego with her 3rd baby. When she had her ultrasound, she asked the tech to write the gender down on a piece of paper, but not to tell them. They mailed that piece of paper to me without looking. (I'm 2 hrs away). I threw a shower for them the very next weekend. They were the last to arrive. When they walked in everything was BLUE!! They were having a boy!! Oh, I sent invitations out revealing the baby's gender but made sure everyone knew to keep it quiet. They had to know in order to know what gifts to bring. My brother-n-law's mamaw was making the cake. He went in her house and she made a small bowl of pink icing and left it laying out so he would see it. He called my sister and said his mamaw accidently left some pink icing out so he knew it was a girl now. Lol. So you could have like the opposite color icing on Trinity's mouth or something. They would think she had done been in the icing.
    Congratulations and have fun!!!!
    Amy Parker

  2. Ivy,
    If you just have to tell someone tomorrow drop me an email. I can keep a secret!! LOL!

    Have fun!

  3. Can't wait to find out!!! I don't think I could hold in the secret to wait for the party! I think I'd have to tell my Mom at least :)

    Those decorations are so cute!

    Oh, btw, how'd your creamy tacos come out? I've been wanting some so bad!

  4. Can't wait to find out Friday! :)


  5. How dare people want to break in on u and go through the trash.If u tell someone it had better be me!! LoL i love ya