Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Vacation 2011

Have y'all been wondering where I have been? (Probably not! Ha!) Well, I have been on vacation! Not this whole time, but for 6 days! And since we've been home, I have been crazy busy. So here is my vacation 2011 post!

Our pastor was asked to preach a revival in the lower part of Alabama so Steven and I decided to go ahead and take our vacation that time and go to Alabama. We left early Friday (2-25-2011) and headed toward Alabama. We have been there before so Steven didn't want to take the same route again this time. We took the long way down there so we (he) could drive through Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. It was a 15 hour drive. I was pretty nervous about how Trinity would handle a 15 hour ride in the car seat, but she done awesome!

*Side note: Does anyone know why a lot of the roads are brown down south and why most of the trees are bare at the bottom? We would love to know!

We drove straight through and stopped twice to eat (besides fuel and potty breaks). It was strange because when we left Kentucky, it was around 30 degrees outside and then when we got out of our car to eat in Louisiana, it was 70 degrees! It was so warm.

We got to Gulf Shores Alabama around 9:00pm our time (They are an hour behind us).

We woke up Saturday and headed to the ocean! After stopping at IHOP for some food of course!

This is Trinity on the way to the beach!

We were so excited to let Trinity see the ocean for the first time. She was really scared at first but ended up loving it!

I felt bad for Trinity because as soon as we sat her down, the water came up and touched her feet and where she wasn't expecting it, she fell down right in the water. She started screaming! But she got over it after she saw how much fun it was to play in the sand.

You see that pier in the picture way to your left? Well, Steven decided he wanted to walk to it. We walked, and walked, and walked and finally I said, "Steven, it doesn't look like it's getting any closer.", he said, "Yes it is. Just keep on walking." We finally made it to the pier and walked across it. Now we had to just get back to our car. We decided to take the road instead of walking on the sand because we figured it would be easier. Again we walked, and walked, and walked. We finally get to our car (after much complaining on my part :)) and we were pooped! Steven carried Trinity the whole way (thankfully) and we were both wore out! We drove from our parking spot to the pier and it was a mile and a half, which means we walked 3 MILES!!!! It wears me out again just thinking about it!
Later that afternoon, we drove into Florida. It didn't look any different than Alabama.

Sunday we went to ride the ferry. It was about 30 minutes away and it was only $5.00 a person, so we thought it would be neat to ride. When we got there, there were about 50 people waiting to get on the ferry. We all waited and waited but it never showed up! We ended up leaving but we were able to see some dolphins!

(I think Steven looks like an FBI agent in this picture. Ha!
He really looks determined!)

Since we weren't able to ride the ferry, we went to Alligator Alley instead. It was a lot of fun! We got to see some scary critters, like this one....

And this one...

Steven even held one! Gross! Trinity was scared of them (so was I!)
Sunday night we went to Bro. Rusty Johnson's church and had an awesome service!

We didn't do much Monday, but we did get to go to Lambert's Cafe! If you have never been to Lambert's you really need to go. I think there is only like 3 of them in America and they are all down south. This was one of the rolls that they threw us. Trinity loved it!

They give you these huge cups to drink out of.

We had a really good server. He was so funny!
Last time we were there, our server spilled fake coke on Steven (It was just brown colored putty-gel like stuff that doesn't make a mess). I laughed at him so much! It was funny! But, this time they done that to me. I about peed on myself! And this time Steven got to laugh!

At Lambert's they had one of those claw machines where you try and win a stuffed animal. This one was $2.00 to play until you win. So I tried it and got 3 animals with one grab! Steven wanted to do it too and when he played, he got 3 also! So Trinity had 6 animals to play with. She won't need any for a long time!
Monday night we went to the revival that our pastor was preaching.

We woke up early Tuesday morning so we could try to ride the ferry again. Success! We were able to ride it! It wasn't very cold on land, but it was freezing on the water! We weren't expecting that.
It was really neat to be able to ride a boat on the ocean. We had Trinity in her stroller with a blanket wrapped around her. We were on the bottom of the ferry so we got splashed a lot. Poor little Trinity got soaked!
The ferry went to Dauphin Island. There isn't much to do on the island, but they did have an aquarium that they called The Estuarium. It was really fun because we were the only people there! Trinity had a blast.

Look how little Trinity is compared to a dolphin!

This was Trinity playing with little hermit crabs. (Don't get any ideas, Lacey!)

This was Steven and me on the ferry.

Tuesday night we went to revival again. We had an amazing service! God was there right from the beginning and there were people filled with the Holy Ghost! Praise God!
We woke up early Wednesday morning and headed home. We took a different route back home so we could go through Atlanta, Georgia. Most people avoid that area but Steven is daring and loves an adventure!

This was Trinity playing at Chik-Fil-A.
We made it back around 9:00pm Wednesday and we were so glad to be back home safe and sound! Praise the Lord for keeping us safe!

This trip, I was finally able to get a picture of all the state signs that we drove through! (Except for Kentucky!)


  1. LOVED this post and all the pictures! It looks like you all had such a good time!!

    I must admit you've made me want to go to the beach right now! I'm so over this rain and cold weather!!

    I got that bib you made Chase for his birthday and it is SO cute! You should open up your own etsy shop! You could make some money making that stuff!!!

  2. I have the complete hermit crab set up. All we need to do it get Trinity a crab. They are so easy to take care of!!

  3. I finally got to finish this post!! I love these pictures....Trinity looks way too big in them! It definitely makes me want to be back in the warm states! It looks like you all had so much fun and I'm so glad!!!

  4. Glad you had a good time!!!!

    Love Lamberts!!!! There is just thre.e locations, Sikeston, MO Ozark, MO & Foley, AL. They are all good, Ozark, MO is the best one!!!!


  5. Yes Marcia! Trinity needs her own little pet. LOL!!!! Good post and pics Ivy.