Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pre-Birthday Party!

Steven's birthday is this Thursday! He will be the BIG 2-5! Wow wee! He is getting old! (Don't tell anyone, but I will be 25 exactly one month from Thursday! Yikes!) So... last night his mom and dad had him a little birthday party complete with steak, chicken, baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, corn, and homemade bread sticks! Yummy! Oh, and also some delicious strawberry cake! See...

Trinity helped Daddy blow out his birthday candles!

This is Trinity and her aunt Andrea. This is how Trinity was "smiling" when we took her picture! She is not very good at fake smiling!
This is Trinity and her Granddaddy watching the trains go by. Trinity loves doing that!
Titus obviously gets bored with birthday parties. He was yawning and stretching!
Momma and Titus.

And here are some completely unrelated pictures from Sunday school...

And yet another unrelated picture of some cookies I made Friday night. I am really loving all the beautiful decorated cookies on Pinterest.com and I just had to try my hand at it!

Mine are not fancy by no means but I think they turned out cute! I plan on making some for Steven's birthday. Non pink ones, of course! I'm also planning on making him cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries. He will love them all but we will be on a sugar high for weeks!


  1. Love the pictures of your children and their family! Also love the cookies! I am not a big dessert maker but these make me want to try!

  2. Those cookies are really cute!! Good job!

    Also, I hear you're giving sewing lessons now. Ha ha!

  3. Hey,Ivy! Do you need a guest blog too? I'm giving you exactly 3 more days! I'm dying to see ya'lls Easter outfits!!! LOL