Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pizza And Spaghetti

Today, Trinity had her first spaghetti meal where she fed herself. I fixed spaghetti and said why not let her feed it to herself? She seemed to have a lot of fun doing it! She said yum the whole time she was eating. It is so funny to watch her feed herself. She really enjoys it. Also, it wasn't too hard to clean her up! At least she didn't get any sauce in her hair!
Notice the noodle in her hair.

Yesterday Steven's dad called and asked if we wanted to go eat some pizza at Donato's. We (of course) said yes! It was so yummy. We loved every bite. Lori wasn't able to come because she was shopping. Trinity loved it and I'm sure that if she could talk she would say, "Thank you Granddaddy!"


  1. Pizza sounds yummy right now! LOL. I'm already counting down the hours until lunch.

  2. Looks like someone really enjoyed it!!!!