Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trinity's Babylegs

For a while now, I have been wanting to buy some babylegs for Trinity. They are like tights only with no feet or butt. Does that make any sense? They are basically leg warmers for babies. They are just too cute but they are fairly expensive at 15.00 for one pair. I wasn't going to pay that much for them. I looked on eBay the other night and found where you can get 5 pairs for 19.00 with free shipping! I hopped right on that deal and now Trinity has 5 pairs of babylegs! I love them and I can't wait until it gets cooler outside so that she can wear them! These are some pictures that I took of her in one pair of them...


  1. She is so cute in those!! I think I need to get Kari some. Do they come in bigger sizes too?

  2. They are one size fits all. And when they out grow them for their legs, they can wear them on their arms under t-shirts for arm warmers! I love them. They would probably look like capri leggins on Kari but that would be so cute! And it makes going to the bathroom easier than tights because they don't have a butt in them.

  3. AWWW! They are super cute! Do they come in my size? J/K!!! :)