Monday, August 9, 2010

Trinity's 1st Brithday Party Dilemma.

Okay, so I have figured out that I am NOT rich. I want so bad to throw Trinity a 1st birthday party that is out of this world awesome! However, that takes a lot of money :( Drats! (Thanks, Ashlee for the new word!)

I have found a theme online at that is too cute! It's called mod monkey. Its hot pink and lime green polka dots with a monkey with a bow in her hair.

I love, love, love this theme! It is just too cute! But it isn't cheap. I wanted to do her birthday in something thats different. My original idea was to do a hot pink and zebra stripe theme but I thought that would be a little too different.

Steven has put me on a budget (Don't you just HATE that word?) for this party. I have a certain amount to spend total on Trinity's birthday gifts and her party. So, the more I spend on decorations, the less I can spend on her gifts. This puts me in a hard spot. I feel like if I spend a lot on decorations, that I am a bad mother because I am not spending that money for her gifts. On the other hand, if I spend more money on her gifts and not a lot of money on her decorations, I feel like a bad mommy because she isn't getting an awesome birthday party.

I may have found a solution. There is a store that I go to called the Mighty Dollar. Everything in the store is 1 dollar and they have really cute party supplies. Their baby girl 1st birthday items are cute but not near as cute at the Mod Monkey theme. So I guess I'll just buy the 1 dollar stuff and just make a lot of it myself. Maybe it will turn out cute! What do you think? How have you had an awesome birthday party on a ...... budget? *cringe*

I am going to weigh out my options and see how much money I have left to spend and then figure out what I can do. Who knows? I might just have enough to buy the Mod Monkey Stuff!! Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!


  1.'re talking to the single parent/income here. I can crunch pennies.

    Make a really cute table with all the themed stuff for picture taking and for Trinity to sit at with her cake and stuff. The buy cheap stuff for the rest of the tables. Buy one set of napkins and one set of plates in the theme and just buy matching colors for everyone else to eat off of. That's what I do and it's MUCH cheaper. Also, gifts at one year are very overrated. Everyone else will bring so many gifts that if you have one or two, she'll NEVER know the difference. She's ONE, not FIVE. Kari didn't know the difference at 3.

  2. I made a few typos in that last comment, but did that make sense?

    In essence: Make one really cute table for Trinity and do the cheapest you can get by with for everyone else.

  3. yes it made sense! thanks!

  4. You could always ask Trinity's aunt for help!

  5. whatever you decide ivy it will look cute no matter how you decorate but the thing is trinity will love you and love what ever you do for her