Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother Daughter Fiesta!

Saturday, we went to an annual mother daughter dinner at a church we fellowship with in Louisville. (Click here to see my blog post about the mother daughter dinner last year) It was so much fun! The theme this year was Fiesta! So, we all got "decked out" in our fiesta finest!

I rode with my pastor's wife and my friend, Lacey. This was my view from the back seat. Interesting, I know!
This is Lacey all dressed up.
This is the cute little Trinity!

This is all of our group that went. Ashlee and Kari wasn't able to go. We really missed them!

We really had a great time. Our pastor's wife, Sis. Karen, volunteered us to do a skit! Yikes! I get so nervous with things like that. But it turned out really good. Mostly I just said, "Si, Si" and shook my head frantically! Ha!

We had a lot of laughs too! However, I am not going to mention Pedro. I will say that I now want to be a meteorologist when I grow up! (Confusing, I know. Maybe I'll explain it one of these days!)


  1. Looks like fun! Love the outfits!!!


  2. I missed it and I was not happy. Glad you all had a good time for me though.