Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A plunger?!? Seriously?

Walmart, Walmart, Walmart. You used to be my favorite store. Oh, how you have slacked lately.

I hate going to Walmart. Yes, I said hate. I hate going because the staff is so hateful and you cannot get in there without spending 2 hours. However, it's the only place we have to shop. No Target close to us. No Meijer close to us. Just Walmart (and it is over 20 minutes away).

Anyway, you may be wondering what in the world this has to do with a plunger. Enter this picture...

I love the toddler seat that is in the bathroom now. It is so handy. Way to go Walmart! But, if you will notice a little to the right of the toddler seat. Yes, that is a plunger.

Thankfully Trinity didn't notice it, but if she had she could have easily gotten to it. It was right in her reach. Nasty.

I mean come on, does that make any sense???

I wish we had a Meijer close by. *sigh*


  1. Saying eeewwww....Pee-Wee Herman style :).

  2. Yeah and like anybody would really try to plunge the potty while at walmart. Seriously. The way the bathrooms looks most of the time, it's obvious no one cares if it flushes or not. LOL!
    (BTW..this is Ashlee. I can't get logged into blogger)