Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trinity's First Ride On The 4-Wheeler!

Today, Steven was working outside and he had our 4-wheeler out. I decided to hop on it and go for a ride and I wanted Trinity to ride with me. She was scared to death! The only way I could get her to get on it is if I told her we could go see daddy.

So we drove around and then went to see daddy. We also drove to see the chickens and turkeys. I love living in the country!

Okay, now some side notes...
#1. No, I don't have pants on. It looks like in the picture I have pants on, but I don't.

#2. Yes, Trinity has on an Amish apron. (It was my friend, Ashlee's, little girl's from our old fashioned day last year.)

#3. No, we are not Amish. I do, however get asked that question a lot.

#4. Yes, I know that my 4-wheeler is very small. Don't be hatin'! I love it cause that little 4-wheeler brought me hours of fun when I was younger.

Now that, that is out of the way, here is some more pictures of our cute little girl!

She is growing every day. I think she learns something new every hour!

Yesterday, she got my mom's phone and said, "Ho (this is how she says hello) Hi Baby!" I thought that was hilarious!

She also is learning to do the hand motions to some kids songs. She knows The Wise Man Built His House Upon A Rock and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

She is learning to say excuse me when someone is in her way or when she burps. Instead of saying, "Excuse me." She says, "Peas Peas." Monday, she was playing beside the bath tub and the shower curtain was in her way and she said, "Peas peas."

Also, Thursday I had the hiccups and every time I hiccuped, Trinity would say, "Peas peas." Too funny!

Every night when I put Trinity to bed I say a little prayer. The other night she prayed instead of me! It was a repeat after me thing but it was still pretty neat.

That's all for now! I hope everyone has a great mother's day tomorrow!


  1. Awww...that's cute that she's learning all those words. Before we know it, her and Malachi will be talking as much as Kari. YIKES!!!

  2. Trinity comes from a gifted family. You're going to have to think of many ways to keep her hands busy. My mother showed me how to do a 300 piece jigsaw puzzle when I was 3 so I would be quiet while baby John took a nap. Trinity will be a quick study. Don't hesitate to challenge her.
    Aunt Kathi