Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Easter 2011

Did y'all have a good Easter? I know this post is a little late (not as late as usual though!) We had a pretty good Easter. It rained all day and I was sick but it was still good.
Saturday night we colored eggs. I love doing this and I love doing it with Trinity even more! She had a lot of fun!
This is Trinity waiting very patiently for the eggs to cool.

She had colored some Easter egg picture frames and ended up with marker all over her face!

These are our pretty eggs!

We woke up on Easter morning to rain. Lots of rain! Pouring rain! You get the picture.
This is Trinity at church in her beautiful Easter dress!

This is Trinity last year!
Our little family.
This was our family on Easter 2010. (Can you tell that I love to compare??)
Steven's family has an Easter dinner every year, so we went there after church. After everyone left, we let Trinity hunt eggs. She loved it! Although I think she thought that it was too much like picking up her toys when she gets finished playing with them!

We were so busy last week that we didn't give Trinity her Easter basket until Wednesday! That poor child. I told Steven that if we would have known that we wasn't going to give her, her basket until Wednesday, we could have just waited to make it and got it all half off! She loved it!

I only got her one piece of candy for her basket. It was a marshmallow sucker. She loved it but she got to playing with her other stuff and sat it on the floor. Well, our little dog decided she wanted to try a bite of it, so when Trinity looked for it, she saw that Dottie had it in her mouth. Trinity almost started crying. She looked so pitiful. She really liked that sucker. This is funny because normally, Trinity thinks its hilarious when Dottie eats her food. Not this time!
Anyway, we had a great Easter and I am so grateful for our Saviour! He is the reason for this season (and all other seasons as well).


  1. What a difference from last year! It's amazing how fast they grow. I loved her dress and headband :).

  2. jamey got Lyndsey and Ben's baskets last week half off. thats the only way to shop! there was a frsbee in Lyndsey's and she thought it wa a plate! she brought it to me with the candy in it wantin to eat.

  3. I'm still hooked on Trinity's easter pics in that dress. Gorgeous.