Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trinity's BIG Secret!

My mommy made me a new shirt!

Do you wanna see it? It says...

I am going to be a BIG SISTER!!!!!

I am so happy!

Sometimes... Ha!

We are so excited that we are expecting! God has truly blessed us!

I am now 5 weeks and 3 days. I know that I am telling the big news early, but this is how we wanted to do it. Also, I couldn't imagine having to deal with this early pregnancy stuff by myself! Oh, and I CANNOT keep a secret!

I have been feeling fine. Which is good in a way, but it also makes me worry some. On one of my baby apps, it said that it was normal this early on not to "feel" pregnant.

I felt sick every now and then before we found out, but I have had no sickness lately. I had no sickness with Trinity so hopefully I won't with this baby either. Today was the third day of a headache I had but I don't have it any more. Praise the Lord! I have also felt very tired. Nothing to complain about though!

I cannot even begin to say how excited I am. At first it was kind of a shock (We had been trying, but we figured it would take us longer than what it did!) But now we are super excited. I am anxious to go to the doctor and see our tiny little baby in the ultrasound! And hear its little heart beat! I can't wait!

Please, please pray for us. My estimated due date will probably be January 28,2012. We've got a long way to go! My first doctor's appointment is June 16th. We are in a situation I can't say right now that we need prayers in, but I know God can and will move and provide a way. I know He didn't place this baby in our lives to just leave us hanging.

Again, we are so excited about this baby! I can't wait to see Trinity with her new baby brother or sister. She loves tiny babies. I tell her all the time that she is going to be the best big sister EVER!

Thank you God for this wonderful blessing You have placed in our lives!


  1. Congratulations!!!

    I read your post early this morning but didn't have a chance to comment until now. Been thinking about you off and on all day.

    Trinity's shirt is adorable and you look cute too :). I could actually see a difference between the first & second pictures of you. Wow!

    What news!

  2. Thank you so much Amy! We are excited!

  3. That is so cool!! Congratulations!! and I love the skirt and shirt you made for Trinity.

  4. Congratulations!!! We hadn't heard anything....

    Kathy & Dwight

  5. Congratulations from the Boggs Family! I hope it's triplets!
    Davy, Kelly & Odie