Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Laundry. Lesson Learned :(

Sometimes I can get stains out but most of the time I can't. I have recently discovered Oxy Clean. It works great to get out stains from baby clothes. Well, I thought I would be smart a couple of days ago. Trinity ate some baby food and it was all over her clothes so I took her shirt off and ran water over it as soon as I got it off her so that the stains wouldn't set. I just threw the shirt in her dirty clothes basket and didn't think another thing about it. I guess I was too lazy to make Oxy Clean water to soak it in. I don't know. Well, last night I was doing her laundry and guess what! Her clothes were MOLDY!!!! I never thought of this happening!!!!Lesson learned. In trying to save one shirt, I ruined that shirt, a pair of tights, and 3 of her dresses!! I have them soaking in Oxy clean water but I'd say they are ruined :( Anyone know how to get mildew out of clothes?

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  1. Oh, Ivy. That's terrible. But it sounds just like something I would do!!